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My BTS Stickers

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10 months ago

Yesterday, I wondered why my stack of books was messed up. I just rearranged it and called for my 5-year old daughter if she knew what happened to my stuff. She then ran to me with her coloring book and showed me this:

She had been eyeing my stash of BTS stickers ever since I got it from an online seller as a freebie of my order last December. She is a fan of 'Kuya Jungkookie.' 😅

My daughter dances to their music like Dynamite, Danger, Mic Drop and Butter. She sings a part of Life Goes On, Butter and Spring Day. She would watch videos of the OT7 with me and laugh at their funny antics. She can also chant the BTS intro chant made by ARMYs (ARMY --- the fandom of BTS).

I have heard first of BTS or the Bangtan Sonyeondan boys back in 2016 after I listened to their War of Hormones song. I loved the beat but I didn't understand the words so I made a little research and found the singers behind the song, as well as the translation of the lyrics. The song was really about a war of hormones of growing boys. 😅

Ctto Google

Song recommendations led me to No More Dreams, Cypher, Danger, Boy In Luv, Dope, Jump, I Need You, Fire, etc. These songs (and still adding more) became a part of my playlist since then.

Back to the stickers, a few stickers were left on my stash. I showed it to my daughter and she asked if she can have them. I told her to arrange the stickers not in a messy way. She showed me this after a few minutes:

I'm planning to buy a sticker book where she can create her own sticker collage and more. Of course, more stickers, not just of our fave band.

Borahae! And Happy New Year to all!

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Written by   38
10 months ago
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