My Brother

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2 years ago

When we were younger, we used to fight a lot. I'm the eldest, I teased him until he cried. But when it seemed he was really hurt, I would cuddle and sooth him until he stopped crying. He was born 4yrs younger than me.

While growing up, our bickerings gradually lessened and we became each other's confidant. We have the same taste in music -- alternative rock, pop songs, 80s pop songs, the oldies but goldies songs. He diverted once and I teased him endlessly when he bought the macarena cassette tape. Every morning, our house was so lively booming with macarena and those other songs you can't help but wiggle your hips. It became a morning ritual for all of us.

When I went to college, I was hundreds of miles away from home. During breaks and I was home, I saw less of my brother because that was the start he was going out with his friends and had a girlfriend. Our distance though vanished one night I caught him crying in his bedroom. I asked him to have a drink with me. He poured his heartaches and frustrations that night. I became his confidant again.

Over the years, we would always message each other if we are apart or talk over a bottle of beer if we are in the same place. We talk about our family, our works, the persons we date, our extended family, our plans. When I got my heart broken, my brother was ready to pummel my ex's face. I stopped him, of course, the guy wasn't worth the fuss. Dad was right, no one else can look out for the both of us but each other. We may not be a big family but I will never exchange them.

I am so blessed I have my brother. He grew up very responsible, loving and generous. He is one of the treasures of my life. At times when the seas are rough for my family, he is the rock we can depend on. His sound and calm advices has get me through some very challenging phases of my life. I am glad he is my brother. I love him with all I am.

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