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Free Bitcoin Cash

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1 year ago

There are a lot of ways to earn free crypto coins. The most fun are, of course, in games. This is one of them through 3 simple steps.

First, download the app from your phone's app/play store through the address below. Or you can simply search "bitcoin aliens" in your app/play store where you can download the other games, too.

Second, is to register an account by providing your email address and your bitcoin cash wallet address. I used my bitcoin cash address for this.

Third, play.

There are a number of ways to earn BCH satoshi in the game:

  • Hourly claim up to 100,000 satoshi.

  • Bonus claims, 3-6 claims per hour.

  • Earn satoshi through the Offer walls by completing tasks/surveys and downloading apps.

  • Inviting friends which earns you 10% of their earnings in the app.

Payout is every Tuesday with a minimum of 10,000 satoshi. It will be automatically sent to your bitcoin cash wallet address. You can change your wallet address if there would be problems with the wallet address you provided. 10,000 satoshi equivalent is 0.0001 BCH.

You can also try the other games by Bitcoin Aliens to earn more crypto coins. Happy earnings!

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Written by   38
1 year ago
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I use this before but i gain a little. Comparing my effort and used data, its not good.

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1 year ago