Fragile Friendship

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"How fragile friendship is," a friend told me. It was after I relayed to her an incident involving me and another friend let's call X. A friendship that started and bloomed since 2013 ended with just a misunderstanding on her part, and forgetfulness on mine.

X entered the previous company I was employed at fresh from graduating in college. She was really smart and very pretty. I admired her wit and humor since day one. The first time we travelled together, she had a mishap --- her tummy ached in the middle of our 8-hour bus travel. It was worrisome and funny. We had a good laugh about it.

After a year of being a manager's assistant, we recommended X to be part of the team as our position. With her intelligence and being a fast-learner, she got promoted. We were so happy. We can travel together, we can go out together.

When X was assigned in Central Mindanao, I got assigned temporarily there. We stayed in the same house and were never apart. She was the one who taught me Clash of Clans, an online game I play until now. I treated her like a younger sister and a good friend.

After years, 3 of us in the group got promoted to managerial positions. When there was another spot, we recommended X to be promoted as well. Since the areas we handled were near, we were always the one who collaborated and work together.

Even when I left the company in 2019, whenever X is in town (in my hometown), she would call me and we will meet. She is also my daughter's godmother. My mom was one of her wedding ninangs (godmother). Yes, she was very close to us.

So what happened? It was my fault. I have an open communication to some of my previous staff. Those staff I worked with for years became very close to me. I started working on another project which entails me to hire people with skills. I offered one staff a job. Word got out, and a former colleague called to tell me that X learned of the move. X told her direct manager that I am pirating that staff.

My first thought was, do I need to ask them? I don't work for them anymore. But after some time, I realize I should have told X as she was the superior of that staff.

I then proceeded to chat her but I was already blocked. Out of hurt, I told another friend, let's call Y, in our group. She was shocked with the news. She never thought we would end this way. I remember X telling me she blocked our area manager because he seemed to belittle her. I guess, she thought of me the same. That was painful, she should know better.

I will not be making a way to contact X anymore. If this is how fragile friendship is, then this isn't friendship, I guess. There are some friends I have who I hurt or who hurt me in the past, those 'fights' though cemented our friendship because we were not willing to end the relationship.

'This is where our story ends,' like a song line goes. I wish her the best in everything.

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