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Exploring the Benefits of Therapy: The Expert's Perspective

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5 months ago
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Therapy is a personal journey. There is no one right way to therapy, and it does not work for everyone. For some, therapy offers a safe space to process difficult emotions, establish clear boundaries with others, and learn new coping skills.

For others, therapy opens the door to new opportunities in their relationships or careers that they would not have discovered otherwise. For all of these reasons and more, it's important to explore the benefits of therapy from an expert's perspective. Here are some ways to do so:

What is Therapy?

Therapy is a safe, confidential place for individuals to work through their emotional issues and find solutions to their issues, thus gaining a deeper sense of self. It does not have to be done in a therapy sitting. Sometimes, it can be done through one-on-one or group therapy.

Sometimes, a person may simply need a friend or confidant to listen to them when they are having a hard time, or even to help them come up with a strategy to cope.

The Benefits of Therapy

Over the past five years, I have spoken to hundreds of individuals and couples about their experiences with therapy. Throughout the course of my career in counseling, I have been fortunate to observe individuals and couples work through their mental health challenges.

In particular, I have witnessed the effects of therapy and the importance of being honest with oneself. As an entrepreneur and business owner, I've experienced firsthand how therapy has allowed me to better serve my clients. On a professional level, I've learned to be clear and assertive with others.

My clients often ask about the disconnect between how I present myself on social media versus the authentic person I am in person. In this way, I can demonstrate authenticity and confidence in my everyday life.

When to Seek Theraputic Help

Therapy can be a great resource to better manage and cope with life's challenges. If you are experiencing issues with depression or anxiety, or are coping with mental health problems of a loved one, it's important to seek professional help.

Also, if you experience major life changes such as job loss, job transfer, relationship troubles, or mental health crisis, it's worth talking with a therapist. If You Are Struggling With Depression Depression is the leading cause of disability in the United States, according to the CDC.

That's a high number! If you are having trouble coping with life's challenges, and you're unable to get out of bed, you may be suffering from depression. You may even experience suicidal thoughts. If so, seek immediate help.

What to Expect in a Session

Most of us are familiar with traditional therapy, which is often a one-time appointment with a therapist that lasts several hours. However, modern forms of therapy offer many more opportunities for casual sessions.

Different therapies are geared toward different people and may offer a variety of options for how frequently you meet with your therapist. Some will have a set number of sessions, while others will work on an individual basis.

It's also possible to see a therapist on a temporary basis in order to gain support and direction.

How Therapy Relieves Anxiety and Stress

Let's face it: most of us live with chronic levels of anxiety. A therapist can help us understand what ails us, and how to address the root of the issue so we can feel confident and balanced.

Here are some of the benefits you may gain from counseling:

* You can discover the reason for your anxiety. Most often, the root of your anxiety is an unfinished issue, such as an unfinished life transition, a fear you've never faced, or a pain you've never processed. The therapist can help you go through the process of examining your past and present so you can become equipped to face the future.

* You can address the fears and insecurities that fuel your anxiety. You may not have had a chance to let go of or change traumatic memories; or you may find yourself holding on to toxic relationships; or you may be in a job situation that sucks the soul out of you. When you have the opportunity to face these issues with a caring, supportive person, you're less likely to be driven to anorexia or cutting or self-harm when faced with the same situations. Counseling gives you the tools to face these situations with greater confidence, so that you can handle them better.

* You can stop or change destructive behaviors. When you have a problem, like cutting, self-injury, or substance abuse, you can't just "snap out of it" and feel "normal" again. You need someone to help you address your habits, and to teach you how to handle the urges and fears that trigger the behaviors.

* You can learn to manage and cope with stress. Our ability to deal with stress can make or break us—at work, at home, or in the community. A therapist can help you see stress for what it is, and help you decide what to do about it so that you can enjoy life and make the most of every day.

How to Find a Therapist

If you're thinking about talking with a therapist, it's important to do a little research first. You'll want to find someone who is certified and who specializes in the issues you're trying to address.

You might consider speaking to friends and family for a second opinion, or you might talk with a therapist you know, like a friend or a family member who has already undergone therapy.

Regardless of where you go, it's important to do your research so you know what to expect.

In conclusion: For individuals seeking a deeper understanding of how therapy can be used to assist in your personal growth, including but not limited to, pain management, mental health, life changes, relationships, and personal goals.

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Topics: Therapy, Life, Writing, Experiences, Story, ...
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