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2 years ago

“If you can't fly, run; If

Can't run, but walk; To walk

If not, crawl. In that case

Stay tuned. "

This world is the worst of the worst people ever

Will not be destroyed for action. Those are bad

Seeing the bad deeds of people does nothing

The world will be destroyed for them. ”

There may be obstacles in the way of life

So there is no time to stop

No, from where the obstacle will come

Need to start again.

There are only two ways to succeed!

One is to set the right goal,

Exactly what you want to do. And the second

Being, working towards that goal.

Those who are cowards look to fate

Yes, men want their own strength.

Your arm, your head to you

Pull, not your forehead.

Those who refuse to help me

I am grateful to them. Because

Today I am for their 'no'

I learned to do the work myself.

I will never love you

I say fight. Because war is

You either live or die. But

Can't live without love; Not to die.

Celebrating a birthday

Stupidity. One year from life

If he falls, he should repent for it.

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Motivation is very important for our success in the life.

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2 years ago

There is no way without industry for success in our life.Without working hard,nobody can prosper in life.

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2 years ago


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2 years ago

Motivational is most important for a man to development the carrier. I am motivate by lot of people.

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2 years ago

Very nice article..... Go ahead

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2 years ago