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Advantages and disadvantages of mobile phones

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2 months ago

Currently, the demand for mobile phones is spread all over the world. This small wireless device has amazed every person in the world. At one time this invention was beyond human imagination.

But gradually, through their efforts, scientists have reached out to people with this interesting little device, the mobile phone.

At present this mobile phone is in the hands of all classes of people from 12 to 80 years of age. It is a blessing for every human being. Scientists are gradually enlightening the world day by day and showing us new ways.

Everything has been made possible by the grace of the Creator.

Benefits / Blessings of Mobile Phone:

By mobile phone, I mean "many in one".

At one time people used to invite someone by letter. It took a long time for the letter to reach the recipient! Again, it would take a long time for the sender's reply to reach the sender. Whether the letter reached the recipient/sender at the right time was a matter of great concern. But with the advent of mobile phones, things have gotten easier. News from home and abroad can be obtained in a moment through a call / SMS from a mobile phone.

Important information, pictures, data can be collected from any place at any moment. All the important information about the country and abroad, news, everything is available in a matter of moments just through a mobile phone.

TV, radio, digital camera, clock, alarm, calendar, tape recorder are all available in more advanced updates just through mobile phones.

By tracking through mobile phones, it is becoming possible to suppress many unscrupulous traders, corruption, and thieves.

There are also various software applications for smartphones that can be used to do any work through every moment.

Many people like video games very much, they can easily prioritize their choice through a smartphone.

Many do not want to work outside the home, many can not go to the office for any of their problems, they can easily perform their office work at home through a mobile phone.

Many people are lame which makes it impossible for them to work outside! There is a big marketplace for them - freelancing. They can work from home and earn good money using a mobile phone.

The world's biggest football games, cricket games, and also various types of Olympic games can be enjoyed at home using just a mobile phone. and is two great platforms I have found through mobile phones and on this platform, I am publishing posts day by day through these mobile phones.

There are countless more opportunities and benefits of this mobile phone. Then think once! Mobile phones have made our lives so beautiful! Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic-driven world of Earl.

I am amazed at this wonderful discovery of science!

Disadvantages of mobile phones:

Things that have advantages must have disadvantages. Nothing can be found that has advantages but no disadvantages! Excessive/unnecessary use has a detrimental effect on everything.

Nowadays the young generation is completely addicted to smartphones. The younger generation was once addicted to sports but at this age addicted to mobile phones. For which they are facing physical and mental damage and at a young age are suffering from high blood pressure, diabetes, and other serious diseases.

Many drivers use mobile phones while driving for which they are involved in major accidents.

Many people look at the screen of the phone and see the surface of the wheel of the car while crossing the road.

People who talk too much on the phone are more likely to develop brain cancer.

Many young people are increasingly attracted to mobile phones instead of studying. They become rude at one stage and they do not hesitate to treat family members badly.

Some young people have different types of online games installed on their smartphones. One stage is to pay for the game. When young people pressure their family members for enough money and refuse to pay, young people commit suicide. Such incidents are happening every day in our country.


Science is advancing us day by day, reaching the touch of new technologies. This fascinating discovery of science has made our lives from difficult to easy mobile phones.

But we must keep in mind that we should not make life easy and beautiful.

All of our family members need to be aware of this. We need to be more aware that our children are not being destroyed by the touch of advanced technology!

Therefore, the evils of mobile phones are more than evils. If every person is aware of their place, its evil can be removed.

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Written by   3
2 months ago
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Mobile phone is a blessing to everyone of us, just it happened that most people abuse using it, which lead it to became disadvantage. But right, we meet and through this, an advantage to us:D

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2 months ago

Yes indeed mobile phones are a blessing for us. We will try to use it properly but try to refrain from excessive use.😊❤️

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2 months ago

Phones has a biggest impact in our daily life. It helps us a lot especially now in pandemic, they use gadgets while using mobiles phone. When you have a relatives in other country or anywhere it is more easier to communicate with them compare those old generations. Yes, but there are disadvantages too so we must know the dos' and donts'. We should balance on how to use it for our own sake. We must aware of it.

Take care always Texas. 🙏

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2 months ago

This is true, Mam. I agree with you. Stay safe and healthy. ❤️

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2 months ago

Thank you so much Texas.. more blessings to you..🙏😇

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2 months ago