The Jobs AI Will Take Away...And The Jobs It Will Create

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The implications of (AI) robots on our day-to-day lives are often discussed and debated, but the question of what jobs AI will take away, and what jobs it will create is typically overlooked. There are many who say that AI will put millions of people out of work, while others believe that AI will allow us to do more with less, allowing us to innovate new ways to make better use of human resources. I wanted to share some quick insight into my own thinking on the subject...

There are many who say that AI will put millions of people out of work, and there is some validity to this claim. Robots can do a lot of things that humans can't do, so it's inevitable that they'll be taking over jobs in the future. But what jobs will they take away? And what jobs will they create? Let's explore these questions below.

The jobs AI will take away

A new report from McKinsey Global Institute has found that, by 2030, the use of robots will eliminate between 40 and 73 million jobs in the United States. Robots are already taking over some of our tasks and contributing to increased productivity, but this shift may require a major rethinking of how we work and what skills will be needed in the future.

There are many industries where robots are already beginning to take over jobs, such as manufacturing, food services, and retail. In fact, there is research that estimates that one-third of current US jobs could be replaced by automation in the next 10-20 years. This is significant because while it means more efficiency and increased productivity for companies (which can lead to higher profits), it also means fewer jobs for humans.

The jobs AI will create

One of the main jobs that are threatened by the rise in automation is that of truck drivers. There are many who believe that self-driving trucks will put millions out of work, but this isn't necessarily true. Self-driving trucks will most likely lead to a boom in the shipping industry, which would require millions more jobs to be created to fill in for those lost. This could create what's known as job polarization, where there are more low-skill jobs and high-skill jobs available than before the rise of automation.


This is a huge problem because there are not enough jobs to go around. And, if we can't find a job, we can't live. This is why it's important for us to figure out what the jobs will be in the future so that we can prepare for them now. In conclusion, as AI takes away more and more jobs from people, it will create new ones too and in time we'll have to change our mindset to adapt to this new reality. That way we can be prepared for the future no matter what happens!

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