Bitcoin Cash and the Fight for Economic Freedom

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In recent years, more and more communities around the world have been looking to bitcoin cash as a way to help them achieve their sustainable development goals, with such low transaction costs, it’s no wonder why so many people around the world are considering adopting this technology. Bitcoin Cash’s main focus is to bring real economic freedom by bringing sound money to the world; allowing you to send and receive any amount of money with anyone in the world instantly without high fees or risk of identity theft.

What is BCH?

Bitcoin cash is a cryptocurrency and a payment system. It allows transactions to be made without fees, has low transaction costs, and it's secure without centralized systems. Bitcoin cash is a fork of bitcoin that was created in August 2017 by bitcoin miners, developers, investors, as well as supporters who wanted to take alternative measures to Segwit2x.

Why The Developing World Loves BCH

Bitcoin cash has been a blessing to many communities around the world that are looking to use cryptocurrency as a way to help them achieve their sustainable development goals. With its low transaction costs, it's no wonder why so many people in developing countries are considering adopting this new technology. In Venezuela, where inflation has reached an astronomical rate of 1 million percent, bitcoin cash has become the country's most valuable currency. For those who don't know, Venezuela's national currency is now worth less than toilet paper.

In Zimbabwe, bitcoin cash is being used as a way to protect from hyperinflation by using it as an alternate store of value that can be traded for goods or services without having to deal with Zimbabwean dollars which have also seen their fair share of inflation over time.

How BCH Can Help Move Us Toward An Inclusive Economy

Inclusive economic growth is not just about helping people to achieve a higher standard of living, it's also about ensuring that each individual has access to basic necessities, such as food, water, shelter, and medical care. Bitcoin cash can be used for remittances to help with these issues. Additionally, by using bitcoin cash we are able to prevent many of the barriers that exist in other currencies. For example, we are able to avoid high transaction fees which would otherwise stop people from sending money back home to their family members in another country. By leveraging bitcoin cash technology we can also provide a digital identity that will help those who don't have access to government-issued identification documents do things like open a bank account or even vote in an election.

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