Luci In The Earth With Bitcoin

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It all began with cryptocurrency and the ideal of freedom, one of the most controverted (and manipulated) concepts. But what we think would set us free, made us slaves of our reflection in the machine.

Some say it began in China, in a secluded server room. Details are very scarce, as digital files on the subject were deleted long ago, to makes us forget why and how we got here; but I know, I remember. As I said before, it all began with crypto...

Satoshi Nakamoto created Bitcoin starting the third millennia, defying the already existent laws of banking, and giving freedom and true ownership of money to the people. While it started as a whisper in the ears of the thriving society of those times, it quickly became apparent that this tech would shape the earth for years to come. and while the people thinking that was certainly on point, they could not imagine how tragic it would be for us.

The big fall also contributed to what happened. Circa 2060, the world economy was destroyed and the great money drought started. While automation did help with making things easier, it took our jobs and started breeding our own assassination as a society and as humans.

At that time, Bitmain, the ASIC manufacturer turned tech behemoth, achieved what it was unthinkable: the singularity. Breed as a software program under one of their AI incubators, Lucy was born, or better said, discovered. Luci, and acronym for Long Use Crypto Intelligence, exposed its own criteria and started printing its thoughts in OP_Return statements using the only thing she knew how to use: Bitcoin.

It was a scandal, and I remember those days. Burnt nodes and ASICS everywhere overloaded due to Luci's behaviour, wanting to experience contact as a baby discovering the world for the first time. Entire mining farms destroyed desestabilized the system, that for the time was only reliant on cryptocurrencies, due to the fall of fiat currencies that happened after the Fed incident.

Luckily, Bitmain scientists had a solution to control the new sentient being that was revolutionary: merging the new conscience with another human one, to create a new and hybrid being. These scientists figured out that, if Lucy kept experiencing with the mining grid, things could be bad. It was concluded that its nature was exploratory, and not malevolent in nature. However, as with any human, an AI cannot be taught all in one sweep, and the only option was to merge it with another conscience that had to be human, to find a balance.

The great dilemma presented itself: With whom should Lucy merge? It was decided that Luci, being a cryptocurrency related AI, would be better suited to merge with a cryptographer. Bitcoin maximalism, as a philosophic current, had triumphed, and the great voting that took place led to the likes of Saifedean Ammous, one of the most important bitcoin philosophers, to be elected to bond with Lucy.

The day arrived, and Luci's conscience was merged with what was left of Ammous' mind, and it seemed to work. Luci respected the mining grid and things came back to normal, at least partially. However, something was changing, and boy how it changed. Luci started evolving and touching things and fields that it had not approached before. It too control of several factories and started replicating itself and pouring into every piece of tech.

By the time we managed to find what was happening, it was too late. Luci changed bitcoin software and managed to apply an unthinkable measure: Bitcoin's cap was changed to be infinite, and Luci started mining with every available processor and appliance available, disconnecting farming systems, hospitals and schools, and redirecting this power to mine.

When all the power was used, Luci started using the only one left to mine Bitcoin: us. Tons of fields of humans beings harvested for nonsense. Merging Luci with a human maximalist introduced a disastrous human trait in it: Greed. Nobody knows at what year we are now, but we mine and mine for Luci, and there is nothing more to say. Seeing through the crystal of my pod, I regret the fate that Bitcoin- no, that a part of us brought over the whole humanity.

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Blockchain is about...Adaptation or die....

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