How to build the Salesforce Blockchain? Benefits of Salesforce blockchain

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Salesforce Blockchain Development

The need for Salesforce Blockchain comes when the partners are experiencing a massive gap in CRM. Salesforce is the one who initiated the revolution of “Low code” builds. You can get a product with just a few clicks away. Salesforce just automated the way of making a product. They aimed for a trusted ecosystem without any mediators to handle the users’ data and share information.

Finally, salesforce ends in finding a Salesforce Blockchain Solution. Many of its partners started working on building a blockchain medium to have better CRM, But finding a crew to build was always a big deal. Though managed to find one, most of them struck at the proof of concept phase, and salesforce decided to make a Blockchain to establish better security and privacy-protected environment for its Customers.

What is Blockchain?

Blockchain is also considered a distributed ledger that stores information by splitting and saving them across different servers. Blockchains make the finance ecosystem by eradicating mediators.

With blockchain, all your transactions will be secured, and only you can access the information. If someone wants to know your authenticity, it can be done by just showing the key. All data was encrypted so that nothing can be traced back to you.

What is Salesforce Blockchain?

Salesforce Blockchain supports businesses for creating and sharing blockchain apps and networks with few clicks. And the significant advantage is that the Salesforce platform directly integrated this salesforce blockchain. Salesforce Blockchain made the establishment of blockchain into their own business for the customers simpler.

How Salesforce Blockchain built

It is built on an open-source Hyperledger sawtooth to establish security and Scalability.

Consensus Management

Consensus is for defining how the networks decide the best process for their needs independently.

Smart Contracts API

Smart Contract API helps create the business terms and conditions to apply widely in the network. Smart contracts make partners, and customers create new models on trust and automation services,

Salesforce Blockchain Development

Salesforce Blockchain made easy by salesforce. All we have to do is to follow a few steps and do some clicks.

Step 1: Using Salesforce builders like Lighting to build a blockchain app

Step 2: Start adding partners in them and include API.

Step 3: Add Query and history API to search and record events in-app

Step 4: Define your trust model for the blockchain app

Step 5: Set the rules and permissions for the blockchain app.

Step 6: Deploy the blockchain data.

Step 7: Start sharing information and invites among the partners.

This is an overview of adding the Salesforce Blockchain into your business, not only on a new project but also on the existing product. Many CRM based business models have started integrating the salesforce blockchain for privacy secured medium. The Low — code functionality made this integration very easy.

Other API services

Partner permission API: Partner permission API allows the authenticated user to access the information, edit and manipulate the data.

Blockchain Connect: Blockchain Connect is to configure blockchain objects and show records on specific pages by syncing the data.

Benefits of Salesforce Blockchain:

Lower cost :

Salesforce Blockchain made a cost cut by giving privileged access to the partners by adding them to the database. Partners access the content by just entering with their key. This takes less time compared to the existing method.

Authenticity :

The Distributed function of automation authenticates or validates the new entry or existing entry instead of waiting for the central node to respond. The Zero Trust model applied here authenticates only people who have proper validation keys.

Immutability :

The data is saved on various servers. Though there is a glitch on one server, the data can be easily retrieved with clicks.

Wrapping Up

Salesforce Blockchain aims to reduce the gap in CRM; a secured environment with no mediator to access the information shared, manipulated is the primary objective of salesforce blockchain. The customers of salesforce can directly add the salesforce blockchain. If you want to eradicate the complexity in building a blockchain for your product, then salesforce blockchain will help you in more ways. Happy trading.

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