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The friendship of owls and ghost cubs

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2 years ago

The mother owl used to go every morning to collect food for her cubs. The little owl cub was waiting for his mother alone. Because he has not yet learned to fly. Then when mother came, they ate with great joy.

The mother owl used to caress her little ones and teach them to fly. What a day! The mother owl went to collect food; Meanwhile the weather has gotten worse; The storm has started. The little owl cub was very scared.

At that time, a Mamdo ghost and his cub were passing by in search of food. Because of the rain, they took refuge in that palm tree. Hungry, Mamdo's ghost cub spread its legs on the branches of the tree and began to cry.

The little owl was very upset to see the little ghost cub crying. He gave the ghost cub some food from part of his food. The little ghost cub was very happy to get the food and ate it secretly.

Meanwhile, seeing the generosity of the little owl, tears came to Mamdo's eyes. He caressed the owl cub very much. The mother owl is gone by then. The mother owl cried with joy when she heard about the generosity of her little baby.

Then the little owl and the ghost cub became very emotional. They started playing together. From then on, Mamdo's ghost and his cubs started living in that palm tree. As a result, the little owl got a mate and began to spend the day with great joy.

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