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Some unknown use of masks

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2 years ago

Lately, many people are reluctant to be 'masked'. I mean, reluctance to wear a mask. But at the beginning of the Corona period, many people were attacked in the mask shop. It has also been heard that some people have made warehouses. Now if not in use, what will happen to those masks? The hope is that the mask will not only cover the face, but also do many other things. There are many more uses for this, which may be unknown to you. Find out ...

Photo: Collected from Facebook

1. Nowadays, many people are 'burning the reputation' of corona and mask. Can burn; Because, ‘we are stronger than Corona’! 

2. Leaning on the arm of the chair, he fell into the sore. The elbows of the mask will not allow sores to fall. 

Photo: Pause

3. Anyone who has a mask doesn't have to worry about charging their phone. Masks can come in handy as a phone hanger.  Photo: Pause

4. Masks can also be used to carry fruits or food. It will contain food free from coronavirus.  Photo: Pause

5. You can wear face mask as a sleeping mask for peaceful sleep by closing your eyes. Literally!  Photo: Pause .

Masks can also be used as a tea strainer. If necessary, you can wash the same mask and use it repeatedly.  Photo: Pause .

Masks can also be used as fashion accessories. Especially if you wear it as a headband, it will fit well. 

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Written by   252
2 years ago
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