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My friend Tanisha and her tree friends

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2 years ago

The more Tanisha moved forward, the clearer the sound of crying became. Curious Tanisha was also following the sound of crying.

When Tanisha reached the end of the garden while walking like this, she thought that the sound of the big mango tree standing behind their house at the end of the garden was coming from there. Tanisha hurried to the mango tree.

This time he heard a clear cry and realized that the sound of crying was coming from this mango tree. But Tanisha looked down at the mango tree but could not find anyone. He did not understand what was happening. Suddenly he thought the tree was not crying!

And to test it, Tanisha listened to the body of the tree, which she heard as if she couldn't believe it! The sound of crying is coming from this old mango tree. So the tree is crying? But why? He once again leaned his ears against the body of the tree. Yes, the tree is crying. Tanisha began to say, tree, and tree are you crying?

At first Tanisha didn't get any answer but after a few calls she heard - yes, I am crying. The tree began to weep again. Tree lover Tanisha was curious to hear the weeping voice of the tree and wanted to know, why? What happened to you? Why are you crying, tree?

Tanisha, you are a small man, you will not understand all this.

No, I understand, please tell me the tree.

What will happen? Will there be any benefit to you? Do you people understand our suffering?

You know how much I love trees? The tree is my friend. Look at that, I'm so sorry to see your tears! Please don't tell me what happened to you!

Listen then. When I was very young, your grandfather brought me here. I've been here ever since. Your parents grew up eating my fruit. I gave them oxygen, fresh air. The house you see here, it was a bamboo pole when your grandfather built it here. In that house your grandfather, grandmother, father, uncle, uncle all lived together. How many days I have fought the storm and saved that house of yours!

I don't know how many times I broke my arm and leg while trying to save this house. But still I did not allow any damage to your house. I have benefited you all my life. Now your parents will be building here. And that's why they want to cut me off. Now you say, is this the reward of my love? Is this a reward for my benefit?

Tanisha can't say anything. He is silent. The tree keeps saying again, you people are not really good. You harm those who benefit you. Go, you go from here. Leave me alone What do you see standing here? In a threatening voice, the tree started crying again saying this to Tanisha.

This time Tanisha bowed her head like a criminal and left How much he hoped the tree would talk to him! But even though the tree spoke to him today, he could not be happy. On the contrary, he was very ashamed of his parents' behavior towards the tree.

That night Tanisha overheard her parents talking. They said the mango tree should be cut down in two or three days. From then on, Tanisha had only one thought in her head. And that is, the tree must be saved by any means. But no idea how to save. Oops, nothing is coming to his mind!

He needs Mithu very much at this moment. Because the problem of the tree can only be shared with Mithu and Mithu can give him any solution. And no one but Mithu would have solved it. Stay away from the tree. He won't believe it On the contrary, he can laugh saying he is crazy. And so Tanisha has been waiting for Mithu since morning.

Finally in the afternoon Mithu came. Seeing Mithu, Tanisha started saying in an angry voice, is it time for you to come Mithu? He said to come yesterday afternoon and if he came this afternoon? Meanwhile, I have a big problem.

Why what happened?

As soon as Mithu asked questions, Tanisha told Mithu everything. Mithu was also very excited to hear the news. He said, is that so? Let's see which tree? Come on, come on. Hurry up

Tanisha took Mithu to the mango tree and said, "This tree is Mithu." Do not see, how silent! Not a single leaf is moving.

Hmmm, that's what I'm looking at. He must be very upset.

Yes, Mithu, but you have to save him anyway, Mithu. The tree is my friend. I will not let my friends be harmed. I heard my parents say at night that he would be killed in two or three days. So we have to hurry to do that. Please give me an idea.

Hmmm, let's just think about it. I wonder what can be done. You think so too.

They both started thinking. Suddenly thinking, Mithu said

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Written by   252
2 years ago
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