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Is measuring fever on a thermal scanner harmful?

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2 years ago

Currently, everyone is worried about the corona virus epidemic. Temperatures are now being tested with thermal scanners at the entrances of many establishments to monitor whether any officers or employees or the general public are entering with fever. As soon as this small device like a pistol is aimed at the forehead, the instantaneous body temperature is captured in it. But there is a heated debate around the world about this temperature measuring scanner. Equal agitation is also going on through social media. Many claim, it causes extreme damage to the brain and eyes. So measuring children's temperatures with it will threaten their future health. In the opinion of another party, this device is absolutely 'innocent'. No matter how much the general public argues, researchers say, people have nothing to worry about with this temperature device. It does no harm. This instrument records the temperature by measuring the infrared radiation from the surface of the body. However, many videos have been posted on various social media including YouTube and Facebook in which it has been claimed that these devices enter the human brain with harmful rays and create a risk of cancer. According to them, the whole process is dangerous to human health. But researchers say the device, which records infrared rays emitted from the human body, does not allow anything harmful to enter the body. So the so-called 'experts' on YouTube who are intimidating people with unscientific explanations should stop these propaganda. No glands in the brain are damaged by this device. So there is no reason to be afraid. Workers who measure temperature should cooperate.

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