A story of Anupa and anupama

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What happened Anupa? Anupa? Anu opened her eyes in shock at Binu's body. About Binu his cousin. There is a curious look on his face.

Ish, the girl looks so sweet. The soft sun of winter has melted the curtain on the face of this two-storey hundred-year-old window grill of old Dhaka. Maya of the kingdom in his face, intense curiosity in his eyes like the crystal black lake. When Anu was enchanted and looked at Binu with a fixed gaze like a heroine of Bengali cinema or like a hero, Binu said, what brother? Did you get scared again? Well, why are you so scared?

He raised a hi and went back to sleep. Even if you don't do the politeness of waiting to hear the answer with Anupar, Binur leaves. Why would he wait. Anupa doesn't know how to speak. As a child, Anupa fell down the stairs adjoining the two-and-a-half-storey store-room, and no one heard her speak again.

Exhale long breaths. He will never forget that day. The day aunty pushes her from behind ... no no ... she can't think anymore. The breath is coming off. What time is it today? 9 o'clock! Daddy ... it's been so long! Aunty had come so far and discussed all the ugly things that shook the sky and the abyss and did not explain to this Nawabzadi alias Anu as usual, where is her position in this house!

Hah, his position! Where to stay, where to stay. He knows everything. That's why every time I think about it, my chest trembles. That aunt is seen. He can be seen with a smile on his face, Emma! I see breakfast in hand again. Adikhyeta big people say, and yes, the bed! Today, all of a sudden this maid-servant is entertained with the bed, she can't catch the point behind it. There is no date for his shoot today. And even if there is, aunty doesn't do that. What happened ... What happened ... Cash for the shoot? He also gave.

But this time his thoughts came to an end when he wanted to put his hand on his head. He said, "Anuma, get ready soon." The son of the landlord of the house next door is yellow today. You have to dance there. Whatever mother gets up, I understand your pain. But tell me what to do, if your uncle was alive today, then ... stay gay .. Yah, you get up.

At this point, Anu understood why her so fond reception was on her forehead today. He has to dance today! Otherwise, his aunt would never have turned his affection on his head. To touch him is to hate that society. Or he is forbidden in society. Society! Um ... who is the society? ... what kind of society ... who defines this society! Who! This molecule wants to see him very much. I really want to know what this society really is the standard of morality and humanity!

What this society knows is the feeling of not being able to speak even if it has the ability to speak. Does this society know the feeling of acting silent year after year?

What will society be able to do as a girl even if it is a boy, no ... to act as a girl. Acting! Yes, he is a great actor. Aunty said that acting is the only source of her survival. That is why even though she has been a boy since her childhood, she has become a mature woman by absorbing the clothes of a girl and a woman.

The Creator has given her beauty with both hands. Today she is cursed by the glitter of that beauty. What the woman needed was a lot of coveted jewelry, in fact her weapon was to give her this beautiful face as a gift. This beautiful female face in the form of a man's body is a proof that even the object of intense desire is the key to a cursed life. Which is why today he is so delicious. The source of lust for many men.

Smiling? You can sit on the oiper and smile. However, only because of his beautiful face, repeatedly caught in the greedy eyes of his aunt's younger brother, only Anu knows how he survived by hiding the unknown secrets of his body from the floor of a roof.

Dafarfa would have happened one day if Tinku Mama's mother had not seen the house next day, and would not have saved

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