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2nd part : My friend Tanisa and her tree friends

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2 years ago

Seven days later, Mithu came and sat on Tanisha's balcony again. Tanisha was waiting for him this time. Seeing Mithu, Tanisha became restless.

Oh you come sweet I am waiting for you. Then tell me, did you talk to the king of trees?

Hmm, I said Tanisha. I have talked to the king of the tree.

What did he say, what did the king of trees say? Tanisha became impatient and asked Mithu.

But Mithu did not answer Tanisha's words. Meanwhile, seeing Mithu silent, Tanisha said, "Why are you silent Mithu?" Don't tell me what the king of trees said!

Tanisha will be upset if you hear what the king of the trees has said. So I'm not talking, I'm silent.

Won't the tree talk to me?

No, that tree won't talk to you.

Why? What have I done? Why don't you talk to me? I never hurt them. On the contrary, no matter how much I care for them, I am always looking for them.

But Tanisha doesn't believe in tree people.

Why? Why don't trees trust people.

Tanisha impatiently throws questions at Mithu.

Tell me how to believe? How much do trees benefit you? Trees give you oxygen to survive, give you wood to build your house, protect you from storms, rain, cyclones. This is what a big cyclone Bulbul was supposed to hit in Bangladesh a few days ago! But Bulbul could not do any harm to Bangladesh. Do you know why? For your Sundarbans.

All of you were trembling with fear when you heard that Bulbul was coming that day. But has Bulbul done anything to you? Couldn't 6 Because while you were sleeping on that stormy night, all the trees in the Sundarbans fought with the storm all night to save you. Yet he did not let you be harmed. Do you remember what happened to the trees in the Sundarbans that day?

Yes, I saw on TV that many trees in the Sundarbans were destroyed, many trees were uprooted.

Do you know who this was for? For you They protect you from these disasters by risking their lives. And what do you do? Instead of thanking them, always treat them badly. You cut down trees indiscriminately for no reason.

Do you know how many trees have become extinct in this country because of you? Do you know how many trees have died in this oppression? What a beautiful green this world was before! But you people have cut down all the forests and ruined the beauty of the world! And that's why trees will never make people friends.

Hearing Mithu's words, Tanisha's mind became very bad. He is very depressed and says, oh. Then the tree will not talk to me? Well, said no! Tanisha's eyes filled with tears. She can't speak. Seeing the tears in his eyes, Mithu also became upset.

He says to Tanisha, I have made many requests for you. I explained to the king of the tree that you are not like all other people, that you love the tree very much. But Tanisha has lost their faith in people. They do not want to believe you.

Hmmm, got it. Tanisha sighed.

But the king of the tree has given me a condition to say a lot. If you can fill that, then the tree will talk to you.

Tanisha danced with joy when she heard that. Tanisha says with big eyes, right? What is that condition? Don't say sweet! Please tell, whats the story of them big puppys ..... I am willing to accept all the conditions of the King of Trees.

The condition is that the trees will talk to you from that day only if you can ever gain the trust of the trees.

Mithu said and flew away. He told me to go today, I don't have time, the child is sick, I have to come back soon. I will come back in two or three days. Mithu flew away without waiting for any answer from Tanisha.

Not getting a chance to thank Mithu for saying such a beautiful way, Tanisha also stared in surprise at Mithu's flight.

This time Tanisha's new mission started. He increased the care of the trees. Tanisha Moti approached her uncle about watering the trees, clearing weeds from their roots regularly and giving medicines. The purpose is the same, to gain the trust of the tree.

Tanisha's day was passing through this tumult and excitement, just then she realized that for a special reason tomorrow they all have to go home to their village. Tanishato is happy to hear about going to the village! Because when he goes to the village, he gets a break from routine life, regular school, home tutor etc. Leave the bed to go to school in the morning at the call of mother

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Written by   252
2 years ago
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