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Think About The Words You Say

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1 year ago

Do you think before you say something or tells a feedback about someone, well these are just some examples where we used words to totally express something based on what we though about it or how we feel towards it. Words are very powerful and not everyone knows that, words consists vibration and sound that gives it life. Words are considered the creator, the representation of our reality and daily life.

Our thoughts affect the words we say. What we thought is what we will gonna say. But it doesn't mean you have to life, of course it isn't that way. We have to chose the words we use wisely everyday. As a society, we have become conditioned to talk about our misfortunes and problems. We used words to describe something, an event,people and even ourselves. When you say something out loud enough times your words become the truth not only in your own mind but in the minds of everyone you are saying them too. Choosing the words consciously is important, words can pull someone at the same point can lift someone so chose the words properly.

Everyday we used different words to express or describe something but the social media has become the place for people who are using inappropriate and unworthy words daily. Sometimes people forgot to be gentle about what they say, not knowing they are talking to someone who is fragile enough to handle the harsh words they are spitting.

We need to speak from the heart, put some appreciation in everything that is least appreciated and be the one to see and encourage it. So choose your words bravely, consciously and lovingly. Always speak from a place of love; for yourself, for your life and for others. Your words equal your world, so use them wisely.

Some good words you can start everyday to someone or even to the stranger you don't know:

Learn to apologize for something you have done wrong, admit the mistakes and tell why you have done it while opening your heart sincerely to the person you have committed the mistake.

Never run out words of "thank you" everytime someone help you. Thanking someone is letting them know that they have helped someone and they are good hearted people who has done something good in the world.

Learn to praise people who has done improvement. Do you know the word crab mentality where people pull the people who are above them, instead of doing that learn go appreciate their achievement and be happy and you too someday will achieve it.

Tell those people who are feeling down some motivation to keep going on, tell thw empowering words that can keep them going in life.

Appreciate your friends and family, they are the one who can build your personally and be there to tell them that they are doing great in life and that they will achieve their goals someday.

Never be ashamed to tell someone how much they mean to you, these can change how they negative they think instead this will make them positive knowing someone valued them.

Even in social media, where people are speaking trash to each other and making fun, you still have to think about the words you are going to say because words can cut like a knife. We all know that words are the expression of ideas, insights, and all the emotions we have inside. They are the bridges of expression and they are important but sad to say others think that words are just words without thinking it can affect someone physically and mentally. Words are beyond the expression, it defines what the person what the person wants to say and wants to express.

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1 year ago
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