The Northwestern folklore region, Bulgaria and few photos from around

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There are eight different folklore regions in Bulgaria. Each of them with different folklore costumes and dances, traditions, food, drinks, even the dialect sometimes is so different that if you come from another region it could be quite hard to understand some words if at all!

Today I am sharing with you few photos from the Northwestern Bulgarian folklore region. I don't travel very often there as it is rather far away from my home. Despite that, I find this part of our beautiful country very specific with plenty of things to discover and be amazed of. It is not only the culture, it's the people there who are different. In any possible way you could think of :) But hey, that is a very positive thing as difference creates variety and interest, and you could always learn and enjoy something new, right? :)

That below is a typical female folklore costume from this region, I found it exposed as a wall decoration artwork in a local restaurant with traditional regional dishes. Next to it is the earthen jug maidens had used to bring water home from the forest sources:

I can't tell the name of the flower, I haven't seen it elsewhere:

Orthodox Christian church from the region and its specific architectural style and wall paintings:

Bare tree. Well, it's not that region-specific but I love bare trees, it's like the naked soul of the sleeping tree, right? I spent quite some time making photos of the sleeping nature that day :D

Yup, unfortunately people are reckless everywhere!

The unique cross on a church bell tower:

Even a commonly spread and know dessert, a type of cake, we call it "biscuit cake" had its differences there. There was a spice in it that I couldn't tell what it is, (and I love to cook by the way), a secret ingredient, they say :)

Finally, I have to mention this is probably the region in Bulgaria where the daily life of the people is the hardest one. I can't tell why but it was that way for centuries... I would love to have the chance to travel there again.

Stay safe!

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