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The Holy Place Touching Heavens

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1 year ago

I suppose some of you heard there have been several earthquakes recently in Greece, some of them around the magnitude of 6 by Richter's scale and I got worried about my Greek friends. There isn't much I could do considering the world pandemic situation and the distance. Prayers. Good thoughts and vibes too. Putting up a story, sharing about one of the most impressive and spiritual places in Greece. These - I can do.

Here is today my travel story from the very first time I went to Meteora in Greece. I've been there few more time since then. I would say - that is a place to discover many things. God, Universe, Peace, Nature, Yourself. Many others as well, I suppose.

Meteora is the name of several monasteries, built upon very tall cliffs, they seem like reaching for heaven. Some of them are open for visits, some not. As they are Orthodox Christian establishments, there are rules if you want to step inside them. Different rules apply to women and men.

The location is close to the town of Kalampaka and the village of Kastraki. Both of them have a lot of places to stay, I would recommend planning a stay for at least 4-5 days if you want to have the proper time to view them all monasteries and perhaps hike, despite the latitudes there a good trails from the town to the monasteries.

Some views are really breathtaking, check out for scale my friends on that photo below, waiving hello from the bottom left-hand corner. It's absolute WOW, isn't it :)

Another thing I would recommend is to check in advance and plan carefully as there are different days of the weeks you could visit each of the monasteries. Perhaps contact and ask a local. Most of them are involved with tourism anyway so you'll get the best advice :)

Imagine living and serving the higher power at such place, huh?

There are so so many impressive things you could stumble upon there. Have you noticed the "wires" at the top left-hand side of the photo above? Now check the next photo. This small booth actually hangs on those lines and it's purpose is to transport one monk and goods between two of the monasteries. I don't know about you but I wouldn't take that risk. True, it takes hours to walk between them, I tried that myself.

In the season of fogs the views are really unique. Scenery!

The world below is quite different with its modern noise and all other civilizational artifacts.

Rocks and cliffs around draw fantastic scenes.

It looks unreal, doesn't it?

My prayers are with the people of Greece. Hopefully there are no casualties. I love Greece. I've been there probably hundreds of times and I would love to go there again. Soon!

Stay strong and safe!


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Written by   14
1 year ago
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