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Hi guys.I'm lhumy,a Nigerian.I am partially introverted and I am passionate about singing and I enjoy listening to music and watching movies during my leisure times..I will like to enlighten us more on languages and communication.

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Languages and communication are interrelated .The activities of one affects the other.Human beings speak different languages.This depends on the country,race and religion .In a country,there is a major language understood by mostly all natives of the country.within a major language,there could be other dialects.For example,in Nigeria where I'm from,there are three major languages and within these languages,there are well over 400 dialects that are spoken by different communities and groups likewise other countries namely Korea,Egypt,Japan,China,Malaysia,India which all have dialects spoken within their major languages . Languages play an important role in human existence and cohabilitation.It determines the level of social interaction without which social organization becomes virtually impossible.

Language is the ability of human being to express himself either by written or spoken ability in order to pass a message across. Without languages which is spoken and understood by people, interaction would have been meaningless. Languages has helped to promote peaceful coexistence in a society, locality,state or country. Societal values and ethics are upheld and promoted through languages. A language spoken by a country or nation is the nation's pride. Languages foretells the beauty of a nation.

Communication on the other hand is defined and explained as the process of conveying , receiving and acting on information,facts, thoughts,ideas, attitudes and feelings.The motive of any communication is to convey information to it's listeners or audience. We have different forms of communications from dancing, mimicking, waving to twisting of eyes,and even mere looking. The act of communication may not be understood by everyone. It actually depends on those involved in the process of communication .The blinds,deaf and dumb have special ways in which they communicate. Animals equally have their own ways of communicating.

Communication however has been of advantage to all as it has helped express opinions,ideas,our bitterness,angers,joy,in general our feelings. How often do we communicate? Communications should be done regularly. Furthermore,for an effective communication,there must be a sender(the one who initiates),a process(the means through which we're communicating) and a receiver(a targeted audience or a person to which we are communicating).

Communications can be achieved through 3 major mediums which are; the verbal medium which involves the use of mouth ,the written medium in which the message to be conveyed is written down. It can be done through letters,mails e.t.c and lastly non-verbal medium which may be in form of clapping,waving, jumping e.t.c . Various avenues are open to participants to make use of in transferring messages and words to friends,relatives and government which includes radio,camera, television,microphone, telephone,fax machine,intercom,radio phone,computer, computer printer,photocopier,and scanner. All these helps to facilitate communication.

Communication plays a vital role in any in any setting and organisation. The roles of communication includes ; It fosters understanding between children and parents,husbands and wives ,students and lecturers e.t.c. Communication helps in manpower development for any organization and development. Communication allows for proper dialogue for the growth and development of organization as few of people can easily be contacted and address issues decisively. Communication assists in the area of good public relation between management and employees.It guides in knowing the needs of employees and bring their ideal for spirit of team work and assists in policy implementation. It helps in mapping out the objectives of an organization or institution.

Language and communication therefore are significant in our physical, emotional and in all facets of our lives. Communication can be better understood through the different languages used. Communication done using the same language are understood better and faster than those done with different languages. Communication through languages spoken hasten and speed up communication process. Lack of communication creates barrier between individuals, groups, societies and nations. For peaceful co-existence, let us encourage and imbibe the spirit of communication and by so doing we're unified.

United we stand,divided we fall.

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