No matter how difficult is,it can be overcome with GOD'S help

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Hello ka hope you are in good condition

Here are the tree quotes,I want to share with you about PROBLEM

In life we all face hardship at one time or another, let these hardship quotes encourage you during the trying times in your life

Solve the problem,or leave the problem do not live with the problem

Most of the problems in life are, because of two reasons, we act without thinking or we keep thinking without acting

Do you know hard life is now?

Many break up, or commit suicide because they can't cope with the extreme hardship of life? No matter the hardships of life we go through,we have to be strong no matter what the problem is, because GOD knows our problems, let's not waste the life given to us because life is a special gift from GOD.


Abroad word you can get everything, provide for the needs of the family,you think all your problems in life are the solution, but 💯 percent so many destroyed families, children separating,when you are away you do not see,what will happen to your children or your partner,they don't even remember to say hello, actually I don't have experience abroad but in fact, there are families who really separate, because you are far from each other,but among those I see those who went abroad,most of the families were destroyed especially when I watched the interview of sir Raffy tulfo in action, you will just cry over each others stories especially the poor children, so I don't want to sacrifice my family abroad just to make money our provide for the needs, it's important that we eat tree times in one day and be strategic in life... Just help you and your partner, you can do that too based on my experience.


Committed suicide because of the hardship of life, suicide mostly happened, when there was a pandemic,it's just sad because I heard about something near our town, he committed suicide because of the hardships of life,he said he had nothing to feed his family,it makes you cry when you hear about something life that maybe you he couldn't cope because he lost work, especially maybe when he sees that he is hungry or he really can't stop the hardship of life, you will really cry,when you don't have a close relative,I've heard a lot of suicide because of so much hardship,they didn't think that life way given to them by GOD, and the wasted,yes it's really hard when you can't really cope you will think badly,but freinds,the only thing we have to do pass it on to our GOD because he just help us,you have to believe him that everything is impossible,let's not waste life because of our problems, everything is possible because he won't leave us as long as you just call him and don't forget, him he is our only friend who is true and ready to help us when I have a problem,I hope we don't lose hope.

Sometimes in life we have to be patient,don't send us immediately to what we think that can't give us good, let's just focus on the things we have and hopefully we will also be satisfied, because not all time is always we are struggling let's remember that life is just a gift from GOD,we have to use it to serve him and not waste it let's fight the problems,let's always keep in mind,that we can all with the help of GOD, it's only natural to be stressed due to our problems ,and let's think that in the hardships of life suicide is not the answer ...

Be strong and let's just trust friend GOD is ready to help is pray and don't forget him..GOD LOVES US."

April 10 2022

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