What if I gotta chance to visit my my imaginary world 🌍

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4 months ago

Hello everyone!!!

I hope so you all are fine and happy!!

Many of us have curiosity to see in past and in future, similarly I've curiosity to see in the past. I want to go in past sometimes to see many things, but it can only be done if I've a time machine.

First time i knew the concept of time machine from my favorite cartoon Doraemon. He has a time machine in his draw and go back to past whenever he wants.

What if I had a time machine

I don't want to change the things in past because i know it's very difficult to change the things from past especially when it has effect on our present or future too. I just want to visit the past via time machine!

Why i want to visit the past?

Mostly my grandparents said to me that they lived a very simple life, they always told to me that life was so easier and there's no more machine in their life. People used to eat simple food and woman wash clothes without machine. I want to visit in past to see that simplicity. Especially i wanna see how was life before television and mobile phone.

I want to see with my eyes that how people spend their day without using facilities.

In historical books i read many incident of life which i want to see especially the history of human. How evolution happens? How life forms?

I think it's super good to see those things which are only in my imagination.

Some people want to change their past to change many things in future or present but i don't want to change as i just want to see and observe all those things.

And the funny thing!

My mom and dad didn't invite me to attend their wedding ceremony so i want to attend their wedding ceremony and see my Mom as a bride and dad as a groom lol 😂 but it's only the funny part.

That's all for today and all the images are from unsplash image's including lead image.

Thank you for your time and support 💫🤍

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