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Hey, here is Lazy lesly who say hello to all of you. Hope so you weren't lazy today as i was.

We all know that every day isn't same for all of us. And we all don't have same days. If I'm happy today than maybe you are sad today. Life isn't same for us. In my opinion there are 2 types of Days

  • Lazy days

  • Active days

Obviously we know that lazy day's aren't productive day and no one likes these Days. Even i also love active days and productive days. But today it's my lazy Day.

Even I've so many task and goals for today which I've to complete but i did nothing just laying on the bed for the whole day.

So what i miss today???

  • Miss the sunrise

  • Didn't clean the home

  • Didn't go for walk

  • Didn't watering the plants

  • Didn't cook anything

  • Didn't active on Noisecash

Miss the sunrise

I'm a morning person which woke up early at morning and enjoy the sunrise view with a cup of coffee but today i woke up so late almost it was 12pm of the day when i wokeup. Actually i wokeup at 7am too but than again after 5 minutes i go for sleep as i feel laziness in me. I think i should sleep now so i sleep. I also suffer from insomnia for last few days of maybe a month and my feel so weight and heavy so today i prefer to sleep.

Didn't clean the home

Being a girl I've to do it. I myst clean my home but today i even didn't clean my home. It has all mess of toys and random stuff in my house which look not good. Actually when i wokeup at 12pm i feel fatigue so i think i should take some rest. Than again i went to my bed and just lying there even i didn't clean the dishes today. Now you can't imagine how much messive my house now!!!!! But it's not in my control

Didn't go for walk

I never miss the walk. It's my daily routine to do walk of almost of one hour of 45 minutes but today i didn't go for it. I go for walk in early morning when sun isn't shining but today i sleep in morning so i miss it. Huhhhhh now i miss the walk.

It's an old picture of park where i go for walk

Didn't watering the plants

I've plants in my house as gardening is my hobby. So today i can't give water to them and now i think they get angry from me that I didn't give them their food because sunlight and water is their food to grow well. Ohhhhj i really feel sad now but now i can't do nothing. Time has gone.

An old picture of my plants

Didn't cook nothing

I'm the only girl in my home who cook food so everyone can have a breakfast, lunch or dinner but today didn't cook anything. In Breakfast we've just coffee cup with some morning snacks. In lunch I ordered food from outside and now it's dinner time but i don't know what's there for eat. I think now i also have to order something from market.

Today lunch which I ordered from market

Didn't active on Noisecash

Ohhhhhh myyyyy goshhhhhh whatttt i wasn't active there. Yeah i live without social media today. I don't know what's my friend post today. I didn't check the notification. Really it's very unproductive day for me. I didn't make any post there. I didn't leave comment on any of the post. Can you people imagine that someone live without Noisecash???? Yeah here is a girl you can see.

My last post was about a day ago. Otherwise i post something daily. Ohhhhh you can also see i even not charging my phone

Miss the sunset too

In the last i miss today sunset too. People who knows me they know how i love to see the sunset view. And i think it's gthe best time for all the day but today i miss it too.

It's an old sunset view capture by me

Why my day was lazy

I think fatigue and over working is the reason behind this. As i was busy since 1st of may and now i need some rest. Actually my body and mind need some rest so today automatically it takes some rest. Laziness overcome on me and no one can remove this. I decided to take a shower even i draw my clothes from wardrobe too but dude I can't go to the washroom to take a shower. I've no control on me. These all things happen automatically. I want to get rid of but i can't. And no body said me nothing that why today I didn't anything? Because they know i neec some rest maybe

Just 9pm here and i feel sleepy again ohhhh i think i should sleep again

Hope so tomorrow will be the productive day

I swear it's an over lazy day.

Note: All the ideas and words are mine also the pictures are mine including lead image

Thank you for giving your precious time to read my boring article. I hope it doesn't make you lazy.

Bye ❤️

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Wow your name, Leslie is daughter of my friend (from. Phillipines)

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1 year ago

Haha I feel burn out a little too, so I rested maybe because I am using both platforms now, this is what we feel. We need to adjust so our body clock can adopt into setting time and tasks both in read and Lesly.

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1 year ago

Yes we need rest too and actually i did all my home chores too that's why i feel more burden on my lil body and mind

$ 0.01
1 year ago

Mother ka na ba o with parents? Either way mabubusy ka talaga kahit nasa bahay lang, lalo na kung nagtiktok, youtube, appics, hive etc ka pa 😂.

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1 year ago