Three Months (Part 4)

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Of course Lauren knew clearly what his Words meant and wouldn't want to cause any more trouble than she'd already have... so she took the paper and pen from his driver and wrote down her phone number on it. Having done that, she held the paper out to him.

He snatched the paper from her hand saying, "Wait for my call!"

I'm really sorry, sir." Lauren said while his driver opened the door for him and he settled in, closing the door.

The driver got in, started the car and drove away.

I'm sorry.." Lauren said quietly watching as the car pulled away from the curb, disappearing from her line of Vision.

She stood there full ot regret for chasing after those little kids. If she hadn't followed them she wouldn't have gotten herself into this mess. The only option she had was to wait for the man to call, and apologize again. She picked up the stick feeling dejected and slowly walked back into the super market.


Later that evening...

While Lauren stood outside the mall going through her phone, a call came in and without looking to see who it was, she answered, "He..."

"Have you come up with the money for the damages?"

When she began to speak; the voice on the other end cut her off abruptly.

She stared at the numbers on the screen in confusion then puts the phone back at her car and asked, "Who is this?"

"The nerve you have to ask such a question. Have you forgotten that easily?"

The voice on the other end of the line is cold that she let out a quiet gasp, realizing that the person she is talking to is the man she encountered earlier in the afternoon.

Lauren quickly cleared her throat and replied with a soft tone. "Tm sorry sir. I didn't recognize your voice."

Well?" He asked impatiently. Knowing what he was implying to, she thought to try and buy some time.

"Sir, please give me some time. The thing is I just started working here not too long ago. If you'll just give me some time, I promise you I'll come up With the money and pay you."

Give you some time..." the man

chuckled in amusement. "Woman, do I

look like I'm joking with you? Don't test

my patience. It I don't have my money in two days, then be prepared to spend the rest of your life in jail!" He warned and with those words the phone line went dead.

H-Hello...?"Lauren stared at the black screen in her hand then heaved a heavy sigh putting the phone back into her pocket and sighed again with her shoulders slumped in grief, as her best friend and coworker, Maryann approached her.

Maryann and Lauren have known each other tor a very long time. \When they were kids they attended the same Preschool, Secondary school and also graduated from the same University together and arc both working at the same place. Maryann approached her noticing the worried look on her face.

"What's wrong?" She inquired peering at Lauren's face with a concerned look.

"Its nothing" Lauren replied feigning a smile.

She didn't want to burden her with her problems.

I don't believe you. Come on talk to me. What's the matter?" Maryann insisted.

In all the years they've known each other, Maryann knew Lauren as someone who wouldn't tell people her problems... no matter how big or small they were. No matter what was wrong with her she chose to keep it to herself. But she was determined to know what was wrong so, she pressed on till Lauren finally agreed to tell her after so much hesitation.

She heaved a heavy sigh yet again and began. "It's just that, I'm in some sort of trouble."

Maryann raised an eyebrow staring at Lauren with contused and questionable eyes. "Trouble...? What kind of trouble are you talking about?"

"This afternoon, a customer came by ana I accidentally broke the glass of his car and now he's threatening to lock me up if I don't pay for the damages." She explained.

That's harsh. What kind of car was it?" Well, judging by the looks of the owner, I think it's a foreign and really, really expensive car."

But how did you manage to break Someone's glass?

It wasn't intentional. I mean you were there. You saw me chase those two naughty little kids who came into the mall and started playing around. I was only trying to get them to leave."

"This is serious. So what are you 8Olng to do now?"

Lauren heaved, running her fingers through her hair in frustration.

Guess i'll have to work overtime if I want to be free." A frustrated sigh escaping her lips, "God, what kind of bad luck is this?"

Maryann clapped het on her shoulder consoling her. "Don't worry. Everything's going to bc fine. I'm sorry I can't help you now more than ever."

Though Maryann's been working here for a quite some time before Lauren came, she understood what Maryann meant. Maryann is the only child of her parents. Her father lost his job when she was still in the university and relied on wood work to make ends meet. Her mother was a trader. She owned a small kiosk where she sold provisional items. Six months after her father lost his job, her mother also lost her business to hoodlums who broke into her shop and carted away with everything on a rainy night.

Even at that, they did all they could to make her happy and be able to finish school. Maryann on the other hand, Wasn't happy seeing them suffer like this. which was why she got a job at the Supermarket and took it upon herself to take care of them. So she practically became the breadwinner of the house. Whenever she got paid, she would usually take save thirty percent. Then fifty percent of the money is invested into buying food and other necessities. The remaining twenty percent, she uses it for herself.

It's okay. I'm sure I'll work something out."


To be continued.

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