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Xander Drey

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4 months ago
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He was exhausted but he knew just how important making the deal was to White Lotus so he could not afford to let it slip through his fingers. He knew that and so did his workers and that was why he had given them ample time to prepare for this presentation and only the best of his best were allowed into the meeting room.

He sat at the head of the conference table, both his hands joined by his interlocking fingers placed on his lap. He frowned, but not the kind of frown that showed he was upset, it was the kind of frown that showed he was serious and paying close attention to detailing. Although he had heard this presentation severally while screening his employees, still he listened attentively, his partners were also present in the room and he could not afford to look uninterested.

He checked his time, it was fifteen minutes till nine in the morning, this meeting had been going on since seven thirty and he really needed for it to come to a close as soon as possible, then maybe he could get some shut eye for a couple of hours in his office before the next agenda - whenever that was.

He turned to look at his personal secretary standing beside him, the man had his entire attention focused on the lady giving the presentation as if he would kill her with his stare if she so much as made a single flop. He sighed silently and faced forward. He was truly exhausted.

“Brilliant work, Mr. Drey.” An older man sitting to his left turned to him with a smile as soon as the lady was done. Xander sat up with a smile, for a moment he had completely zoned out. “Excellent idea.” The man congratulated.

“Truly!” Another remarked, bringing an even wider smile to his face. “I am convinced this would be the best approach. The perfect strategy.”

Xander smiled and briefly looked at the lady then flashed her a half smile to dismiss her, she smiled back in triumph and bowed slightly before stepping away and out of the room.

“So gentlemen,” He leaned forward on the marble table. “Are we in agreement?”

“Completely!” They chuckled. “Where do we sign?”

Xander beamed and passed the documents, he beckoned on his assistant to remind him to add to the lady a little something extra in her salary for a job well executed. And now that the meeting was a success, he could finally retire to his office for a short nap. He stood up, shook hands with the men in the room who had now become his partners for the duration of this project and followed behind them as they all left the room.

Xander Drey, a thirty-five year-old CEO of The White Lotus investment company, the second leading in Tai city,  a powerfully rich young man and the dream of most ladies, he seemed to have it all and indeed he did have it all, except for one thing and that was his peace of mind.

“Clear my schedule for the day, Charles.” He said as he strolled to his office, loosening his tie and cuffs.

“Err… sir?” The young assistant lifted a finger and Xander turned his head to him slightly. “You have an important luncheon to attend this afternoon. I’m afraid you cannot miss it.”

Xander paused and gave a long sigh, hen groaned and continued walking. “What time?” maybe he could have a couple of hours to himself before then.

Charles twisted his wrist to check the time on his watch before replying to Xander. “In three hours sir.”

“Well…” He sighed and placed his hand on the door knob to enter his office. “That’s not long enough.”

He twisted and pushed open the door, the sight that met his eyes caused him to freeze at the entrance, a deep frown came on his forehead and his hands fisted. Charles peeked behind him and his eyes widened. He cleared his throat and excused himself.

“I’ll go prepare for the luncheon sir.”

“You do that.” Xander replied coldly and slammed the door behind him. “What are you doing here?”

Anya An looked up from her expensively polished nails with a straight face and looked directly at Xander, then he reclined in he seat and spread her hands apart. “What? I can’t come visit my fiance in his office anymore?”

Xander sucked in a breath and shoved one hand into his pocket as he walked closer to the desk. He placed a palm flat on the desk and looked the lady straight into her eyes, anger clear in his gaze. “What are you doing here, Anya?”

She eyed him a while before leaning forward to pick up the bottle of nail polish she had been using before he had come in. She applied a coat of polish on her index finger and loudly smacked the gum in her mouth. “Like I said, to pay a visit an see hoe you’re doing.”

“Well I’m fine now, you can leave.”

“Don’t you want to see me?” She asked him without bothering to look up.

He scoffed and stood straight, shrugging his shoulders and chuckling. “No, I do not want to see you.”

She looked up at him now and frowned. “Why? So you could spend more time flirting with your secretary?!”

“What?” He looked at her like she had lost her mind. “My secretary is Charles and Charles is a male. A guy like me. I mean, what the hell?”

The frown on her face disappeared and she flashed a smile then slowly stood up, making her way round the desk to come stand beside him. “My bad.” She smiled and rested her head on his shoulder. “I just don’t want you with any one else.”

He looked at her in disgust and shook her head off his shoulder then walked to the chair. “Anya please return home, I do not have the strength to deal with your nonsense right now, I have work to do.”

She spun to face him. “Nonsense?!”

“Anya please!” He raised his voice, his eyes fixed on hers. “Just get out. Go home.”

She opened her mouth to speak but paused and placed a hand on her hips then leaned towards the table and gave a smile. “Daddy sent me over to escort you to the Luncheon.”

He looked at her with a narrowed gaze. “And...?”

“And you require a plus one.” She sat at the edge of the table loudly smacking her gum.

He kept his attention a while on her before looking away. “Already have one."

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Written by   108
4 months ago
Topics: Story, Writing, Freewrite
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