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11 months ago

[Writing Prompt] You're a witch from a centuries-old powerful coven. Except, you have no magical powers. Or at least, no way of accessing them. Until you meet a dangerous vampire, who tells you he can help you unlock your powers… if you'll become his permanent blood-snack.

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“You’re a rather brave little one.” He said as he sniffed her. She was trapped between him and the wall with her chest pressed into the concrete wall. He had both her hands pinned behind her , holding them tightly. She could tell that he smirked and was amused, I mean who wouldn’t be? The idea was a stupid one but at the time, it seemed like it was worth a shot. She was desperate and desperation called for desperate measures.

The castle was off limits to everyone and for a good reason too; it was home to the only known vampire in the kingdom. Vampires were the lords and they were very powerful, cruel and without a heart. Like literally without a heart, which brought the human myth of staking a vampire through the heart to kill him a false truth.

No one in the kingdom could claim to have seem him before because he was hardly ever out, and it wasn’t because of the sun, he just never left his castle or no one ever knew if or when he did. The only thing they knew about him was his name, and it was not a name to be carelessly said.

They called him Drey, he was a Lord, a powerful aristocrat who commanded a lot of authority which spread beyond the borders of this kingdom and he was known to be in possession of rare magical items, it was this piece of information that had caused Becka to dare trespass into his property.

She had chosen to sneak in at night because chances were that he  would be out at night, Vampires were only able to leave at night. She had come in from the front and not through the back thinking that for him not to be seen by anyone whenever he went out, then he would probably leave through the back and she did not want to run into him. Heavens know what he might just do to her.

It was much easier getting into the house that she had anticipated, the windows in the front were unlocked and maybe the front door was too but there was no time to check, besides she would not want any one to know that she was in.

“Now,” She whispered to herself softly as she closed the window behind her. “Where shall I begin my search?”

The vampire’s bedroom would be the perfect place to search, but it was also the most dangerous and it was on the last floor - or so she was told. It was an hour past midnight and it would be in her best interest to hurry up. She went for the stairs.

What she needed was an instrument, a charm necklace made with a dragon’s scale and mermaid’s tear, she knew what it would look like because she had seen it once before and severally in her spell book. It would have been a bit easy for her to make if the ingredients needed for it were not totally impossible to come by.

Sure she had a stash of mermaid’s tear back in her cottage but a dragon’s scale? Even that was beyond her superior’s reach.

The entire top floor was just one large study, books and objects, ornaments and stuff, carefully arranged in shelves, jars and jars of weird stuffs, some which she had only been able to see in her spell books and for a little while, she got carried away with excitement, oh she could be here forever! But she just needed the necklace and she would be on her way. This was no time to get greedy, she had just one hour to be here.

For witches, it was one thing to be able to cast spells and then another thing to have magic, for Becka, she had none. She could cast little spells by maxing potions for them but then that was all, and this huge defect had cost her a whole lot. She was mocked and shunned as the only witch from the century old Scraven coven not to be born with any sort of magic.

But the seer had said she had been born with it, she just could not access it and only the dragon scale necklace would help her access her powers.

Like she said - desperate.

She walked cautiously to the end of the large room where a large desk was and her eyes shone n happiness because just right there, sitting on the desk was the item she had come for. She almost jumped in glee and hurried in her steps till she got to the table.

“Finally!” She said in a low voice and reached for the necklace.

Just as her fingers brushed against the object, a larger hand slammed on top of hers, causing her to yelp and jump. And then she heard the low growl and immediately she knew she was done for. The Vampire was here.

Swiftly and with precision, he grabbed her other hand and moved her to the wall, so fast she felt like she had floated, and pressed her into it while pinning both her hands behind her. She whimpered and he leaned in closer for a whiff of her.

“You’re a rather brave little one.”

“Let go of me.” She said without giving it much thought which surprised her, and him too.

“Oh?” He chuckled. “You sneak into my house to steal and now you’re showing defiance? What did you come to take?” He turned his head back to the desk and reached for the necklace she had wanted to take, then brought it close to her face so she could see. “This? Why?”

“I need it.”

He paused a while before he spoke. “A witch with no powers.”

“Is it that obvious?” She said with a hint of sarcasm in her voice, part of her wondered where this bravery had sprouted from.

He chuckled and then let go of her, she spun immediately to face him as he took a couple of steps away from her, a sly smile still on his face. She pressed into the wall, fear returned to her when she looked at him but also she was amazed, no one said he was this good looking.

Well, no one had seen him either.

“Sit.” He ordered and she did so, more out of her own will because she just felt her body move to the chair behind the desk and she sat.

“No one has ever been brave, or stupid enough to just, “ He shrugged his shoulders. “Wander in here, but you, a witch with no powers… desperate much?”

He mocked her and she knew it which made her feel bad, he was just like her mates in the village only that she had grown thick skin to their jeers but his hit her differently and she felt her eye sting. She looked down to her hands and fumbled with her fingers, repeatedly telling herself to calm down. She would not show this pompous Vampire her tears.

He sighed and took a step closer to her which caused her to tense up and look up at him. “I could help you, but I would be needing something from you in return.”

Her eye brows furrowed in confusion, he would not be killing her? “What do I have to offer that you would possibly need?”

“Becka,” He called her name and ran a finger across her cheek. Her wide and surprised eyes remained on him. He knew her name. How did he know her name? He leaned in closer to her face and smirked. “You have no idea.”

She swallowed hard, goose bumps rose all over her body and she tingled. She felt very vulnerable and could not help the fear that crept all over. “What do you need from me?” She managed not to speak and not allow her voice tremble.

He ran a thumb across her lips as he spoke. “A taste of your blood…” He looked straight into her honey brown eyes, and with dead seriousness, completed the sentence. “…forever.”


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Written by   109
11 months ago
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