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The Secretary

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6 months ago

She knew all eyes were on her the moment she stepped into the building, and it wasn’t because of the clicking sound her shoes made announcing her arrival, no it was not that, it was because of the fact that she was three minutes late. It was as if everyone on the ground floor paused and kept their attention on her, and even some looked at her with pity in their eyes like they were sure she was going to loose her job today.

She didn’t smile at anyone because she didn’t need to, she walked on with her head held high just like he had taught her to when she had first started working here. Her steps were quick and precise and she headed straight for the counter where her coffee - as always - was waiting for her. Her fingers wrapped around the warm coffee mug just as she over heard someone whisper to another, “She’s gonna get fired this time.”

Without even a word of greeting or a nod of appreciation to the recent employee who stood eyeing her behind the counter, she picked up the coffee mug and made a bee line for the private elevator. Only two people in the company were allowed to use this; herself and the boss. She knew they still watched her, and frankly she couldn’t care and less, some of the ladies envied her position because she had the opportunity to be close to him; the sex god of Tai city, while others dreaded her position.

Not every one could be around him on a bad day, they wouldn’t last for long.

She let out a sigh and punched in the button that would take her to the last floor before taking a sip of the still hot coffee as she watched the elevator door slide close and the contraption began to move up. She was only late because someone had double parked her at the parking lot in her apartment, and the boss had one rule for his secretaries; that they arrive at the office before he does.

The elevator dinged and the door slid easily open, she stepped out and walked quickly to the door leading into his office but stopped when she heard some familiar sounds. She sighed and spun around on her heels and headed into her own office.

“Ugh! Dimian please! It hurts like hell…” It was evident in the woman’s voice that she was experiencing more pain than she was pleasure.

But the man only grunted in response. “Shut up and take it all.”

She wished she could shut out their voices, the woman’s painful moans and pleas, her boss’ rude but satisfied grunts and commanding tone. She could hear her muffled sobbing and could only imagine what pain she must be in and she would have to endure until he was satisfied and even she knew that could take a while.

She reclined on the chair and wrapped her hand around the cup of warm coffee that she had set on the table and closed her eyes, the disturbing noise from his office still reached her but she had learnt to adapt and had gotten used to it. It was something she was used to hearing a couple times in a week and always in the mornings. She let out a breath.

Living in Tai city was seen as a huge accomplishment as only those with the money could afford its living conditions, from the expensive apartments to its high class entertainment, Rei was only lucky and grateful to have been given a position in The Aviary, the leading investment company in the whole of Tai city.

Getting a job was no easy feat as she had tried and had been declined from several companies which she had applied for. Working as a secretary in The Aviary was not what she had envisioned, it was not something she had dreamed about even, she had only worked here two days as a helper until the day she was made to take coffee up to the CEO’s office.

He had been in a terrible mood that day and had fired his secretary because she had double booked him for two important events happening on the same day. She had just stood by the open door, too scared to step in as she listened to the way he abused the weeping lady. Her heart really did go out for her.

“You there!” His voice thundered, he was talking to her and she was shaken out of her trance. She poked her head into the room but kept her body posture low. Luckily for her, she was dressed well that day.

“You’re with me. Pick up these files and meet me in the cafeteria immediately!” He had yelled at her before he stormed out of the office.

Rei moved quickly. She placed the cup of coffee carefully but hurriedly on the desk before she picked up the necessary files and ran after him. He had met with a couple of men in the cafeteria, a couple of strict business men just like he was and although he was not calm, the meeting did go on well, with the lot of them ogling at her.

It seemed she had impressed him so much so that he decided to keep her after that, and just like that she was promoted from an office helper to the boss’ personal secretary.

The change was fast but the transformation was not. Sure she did make a ton of mistake and yes he did yell at her a lot but he never for once considered firing her, and that was when the gossip and jealousy began. She had learned to allow the hateful comments wash over her like water over rock and in time she too became rigid, a little less like her boss and he seemed to like that even more.

She got to keep her job, her official apartment and car and the pay was something overwhelming. She loved her life, what more could she have asked for?

A twenty-eight year-old single woman, living independently in the high class area of Tai city, having a well paying job in the leading investment company and without requiring the support of any man, she was the envy of not just her co workers, but other women too who had seen her accompany the boss on not one, not two, but on several occasions, dinner parties, luncheon and ceremonies.

Plus she gave the eligible men a hard time because only a few would have the courage to approach her because they knew that she really did not need them for money nor material things. She was comfortable in those areas.

The land line on her desk vibrated noisily on the desk, shaking her back into reality. She sat up and quickly pick it, then brought the receiver to her ear.

“In my office.” He ordered and hung up.

She let out a breath and stood up. Time to face the boss.

She opened the door without knocking as he had told her to whenever she had been called for and was greeted with the sight of him just putting on his suit. She looked down and noticed that a woman was cowering behind his desk, the top of her head was visible and a leg could be seen from the side. She tried not to allow her eyes linger on for too long, that would upset him.

“You came in a little late today, Rei.” He mentioned.

“I was double parked…”

“Unnecessary.” He cut her off, fixed his cuff links and walked around the desk, coming straight for her. He brushed past her slightly and then leaned in closer. “Take her out and meet me in the car in ten. We have a luncheon to attend.”

She nodded and listen to his receding footsteps, then waited till she heard the elevator door bell go “ding” before she moved.

The woman behind his desk still sobbed and was unclad. Rei could not help but not feel even an ounce of pity for her. She knew the woman all too well, she was one of those women that had been drooling and throwing themselves at him at their last outing, and this one in particular had been too brave or too eager enough to come call on him at the office severally. And today she had gotten what she had come for.

Rei looked down at her in disgust but did not show. “You will have to leave now.” She told her.

The woman looked up at Rei briefly before she sniffed and nodded. She grabbed her clothes and limped into the bathroom to get dressed. Rei stood by the desk and caught sight of the woman’s bag, stuffed with dollar notes and she smirked and shook her head slowly. One thing about her boss was that he was always generous when he needed to be and it seemed like this one had satisfied him properly.

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Written by   108
6 months ago
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