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Terribly Toxic

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11 months ago

[Writing Prompt] Yes, you used to be in love with a vampire, but you were just seventeen and emotions were running high. You broke it off with him before you left for college and, although it was weird to go back to the real world, you knew it was the right thing to do. But then students at your college begin to go missing. Bodies are found on campus drained of blood. When your roommate and then your new boyfriend disappear, you've had enough. It's time to put on some garlic, grab a stake, and end this relationship once and for all. You just hope you can resist his irresistible charms.

The incident was not something that frequently happened in Valleydale, it was not even something that happened rarely, it was the kind of thing that never happened. Sure bodies turn up a couple times a year; serial murders, suicide and what nots, but this… this was something completely different.

Anna walked hand in hand with Blair around the police’s yellow tape keeping people away from the crime scene, both ladies tried to catch a glimpse of the body that had been found just few hours before the school opened for the day. Blair wanted to walk out of the area as quickly as possible while Anna seemed intrigued.

“Isn’t it weird and fascinating?” Anna asked her after they had gotten into the school. Blair looked at her rather appalled.

“Fascinating? You find that fascinating?”

“Well…” Anna rolled her eyes, “Not the death or dying but the state the body was in.” She continued, her initial excitement building up. “They said the body was drained of blood! Like someone put a straw in that guy and sucked out every last drop!”

Blair gave a nervous chuckle and she could feel the goose bumps beginning to form on her skin. She shivered slightly but it was enough for Anna to take notice of, she paused and unhooked her arm from Blair’s then turned her around till they were standing face to face. She looked concerned,

“Blair are you alright?”

Her lips twitched in a brief smile and she nodded her head while running her palm up and down her arms. “Yeah, sure.”

Anna’s eye brow rose. “You don’t seem fine. You sure?”

She nodded. “Sure.”


They both turned to see Carlos approaching them, his hand spread out to accept Blair into his embrace. She ran for him, knowing that she needed that embrace more than ever right now.

“Are you alright?” He asked as she snuggled her face into his neck and he caressed her hair. “Did you see the body of that guy…?” He began but Anna quickly gave him a sign to shut him up.

“I’m alright.” She replied to him and then disengaged from the hug when she felt she was slightly okay. She smiled at him.

“Weird thing to happen on a Monday morning.” He adjusted the school bag on his back.

“You know what I think?” Anna sneaked in between them, directing her talks more to Carlos because he seemed in a better frame of mind for her gibberish than Blair was. “I’d say a vampire did that.”

Blair’s body tensed immediately and she focused her attention on Anna who had her own attention on Carlos, she looked to Carlos, fear and tension in her eyes. But Carlos broke out in a laughter.

“A vampire, really Anna?” He chuckled, slowly calming down.

“Yeah… I mean who else could suck a guy dry of all the blood in his body?”

“Well, that’s one theory…” Carlos considered.

Blair’s mind drifted from them, so far away that she could no longer hear what they were saying. A vampire draining the life out of that guy was not just a theory, it was real and she was sure it was the truth. He was back here and she knew he was back for her.

Entering into a relationship with a vampire must have been the most stupid thing she had ever done in her life, but then she had been eighteen and she was in love - or at least thought that she was, but at a point it had to end, she was moving away from that small town village and into the city.

“I will come for you one day,” He had told her the night before she left, he had been upset and very angry, so angry that she had been terrified of him and just wanted to get away. “I will come for you again, Blair.”

She had thought it was just wishful saying until he had shown himself to her a couple of nights ago and she had broken his heart - if he had one - when she told him that she had moved on, it had been five years since she had left the village for the city. He had not taken it well, and now he was here…

She blinked and frowned, then blinked again. No, she was not imagining things, he really was here, in her school, standing in the hallway just behind Carlos and Anna, and she gasped. He was here! Brandon!

He smirked and walked up to them from behind Carlos. “Hey, did you guys see the body of that guy?” He walked in between Carlos and Anna, immediately drawing on their attention and curiosity. Anna was the first to reply him.

“I was only able to catch a glimpse before the body was covered.”

“Yeah I saw,” Carlos spoke. “But not enough to feed my curiosity though.” He shrugged his shoulders.

Brandon leaned in closer and whispered softly. “You know, I could get you guys in to see the body up close.”

“Really?!” Anna’s eagerness sky rocketed.

“Yeah.” He smirked. “My old man is a coroner, I could slip you guys in and out, so…?

“I’m in!” Anna squealed and bounced up and down.

“I’m down too man.” Carlos added, the smile on his face showed he too was filled up with anticipation.

“Blair are you coming?” Brandon asked with a cunning smirk on his face. She didn’t reply because she was still in shock. He was here, and he was in the sun, and he was still very much alive and unaffected.

“Babe…” Carlos placed a hand on her shoulder and shook her back into the present. She noticed Brandon’s eye brow twitch into a small frown when Carlos called her “babe” and her heart missed a beat.

“ coming?” Carlos asked her.

“I could be just us three if you do not want to come along.” Brandon added with a sly smile as he looked from her to Carlos, to Anna who was grinning from ear to ear at the thought of seeing the body up close, and then back to her. “It might be a bit draining.”

The way he pronounced “draining” caused her to stiffen for a short while before she snapped out of it. She could not convince Carlos and Anna not to go with him because she could not explain it in any believable way that the person they wanted to go with was the vampire.

Was her vampire ex.

She sighed and focused her eyes on Brandon, God he still had those mesmerizing eyes and that intense gaze that made her melt right immediately. She bit her cheek on the inside and almost let out a moan. This would be difficult but it was something she had to do.

“Sure, what time?”

Brandon smirked. “Eight pm, we meet back here?”

“Eight pm.” That was a couple of hours after school must have been over, enough time for her to adorn herself in garlic and sharped that stake. “8pm is just fine.”

He smirked, Carlos and Anna beamed and gave each other a high five and Blair never took her eyes off Brandon. 8pm, she would end it, break all ties with him and end this terribly toxic relationship.

 She would be the one to kill him this time.

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Written by   109
11 months ago
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okay first of all I like this story a lot it has a lot of potential I'm not kidding wish it was a book I would read in the middle of a thunderstorm with my blanket and hot coco.

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11 months ago


Been looking for a story idea, never actually thought this would be "the one".

Thank you!

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11 months ago

No problem I really liked it

$ 0.00
11 months ago

I have started working on it😊 just gonna add a few twist to I😋

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11 months ago