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Saturday, the 7th of May.

12:56 pm.

Skyline was used to being on the front covers of magazines, newspapers, and tabloids, they wanted that, and they earned that, but as of recent they had not been on the front covers for business-related news, no, rather they had been on the front covers because of the controversy of the heir having returned after years of staying away. This news would not be dying down so easily.

Chester sat uncomfortably in the back seat of the car, his arms and legs crossed and his face away from the tinted windows. He frowned in annoyance, once again his grandfather had done as he pleased and he was sure that it had been him who had tipped the media that his so-called heir would be visiting the company, grandfather really did want him to stay back in this company and take over.

Taking over the company was not an issue to him, after all, it had been his father’s company once, what did not sit well with him was the way grandfather was going on about it like it was his life and the reason for him being born. Michael was there, Michael had always been there but yet grandfather had refused to acknowledge and this had caused a rift between the two of them.

He sighed heavily as the car pulled up nearer to the entrance of Skyline building, he could see the media now, snapping away and yelling his name to provide them the answers to the questions they asked, one question stuck to him though; why have you come here today Mr. Hunt?

Yes, why was he here?

He was here because grandfather had asked him to show up today, he had said that something really important would be happening today and his presence was essential so he had no choice but to come, but was that really the truth as to why he had chosen to come here despite not liking the publicity and paparazzi?

“This is your inheritance.” He heard grandfather’s voice ring in his head. “This is all yours to have and to control.”

The door to his side opened and as he stepped out of the car, he was immediately assaulted with the flashes of blinding lights and protruding microphones, the reporters screamed out their questions and tried to break through the human barrier made up of the bodyguards, holding the people back. Chester walked fast and kept his head low, the dark shades he had on and the nose mask he wore covered most of his face, his deep dark hair, gelled to the back in a sleek fashion greatly complimented his looks, now, he was totally different from the Chester who ran the coffee shop. Now, he was Chester Hunt, the reclusive billionaire and heir to the Skyline business.

He groaned and picked up his pace, why did the car have to park this far away from the entrance of the building? Just as he was approaching the stairs, one of the reporters broke free from the human barrier and ran up to him, microphone first and yelling out his name to get his attention. Chester paused and took a step backward to avoid the microphone from hitting his face. He frowned on impulse at the young lady who was only doing her job.

“Mr. Hunt! Mr. Hunt!” She called repeatedly. “Why did you chose to come back?” She asked just as a bodyguard roughly seized her shoulder but Chester stopped him, this was a lady for crying out loud and as such, she should be treated with respect.

The lady smiled on seeing that Chester was willing to answer her question and she repeated it, this time more calmly. “Mr. Hunt, you have returned to Skyline company after years of being away, doe this mean that the rumor about grandfather retiring is true, or do you have a reason for doing this?”

Chester stood with one hand in his pockets and the other holding on to the button on his suit. “I am here because I am supposed to be here, this company is also mine and it has to be taken care of, as for grandfather's retirement, that is something which I can not share with the public now as I do not know.” He replied and proceeded to move past the lady but she stopped him again with another question.

“Do you have plans of leaving later on or are you here to stay Mr. Hunt?”

Chester looked towards the entrance of the building, his gaze lingered there for a while before he turned back to face the lady, leaning down towards her because she was much shorter than he was and she stood on a lower stair. “I am here.” He replied and turned away.

The lady continued. “Mr. Hunt? Mr. Hunt!?” but Chester had left her there and had entered into the building, he had no time to answer to any more questions, the faster he could get to grandfather and have this important thing which he had called him for done with, the sooner he could get out of here and back to the peace and serenity of his coffee shop.

Everyone down here was at a standstill the moment he stepped in with all eyes on him, it made him feel cautious, the ladies giggled and whispered among themselves and the men watched on in admiration and maybe jealousy, for the fact that he was getting all the ladies attention without even so much as looking their way. He smirked and scoffed, walking faster with the bodyguards mostly behind him. He turned to the guard closest to him as they got to the elevator and spoke softly.

“Get rid of the media, I do not want them lingering around when I am ready to go home.”

The man nodded curtly and stepped out of the way as the elevator dinged and the door opened. Chester watched him walk towards the entrance and heading outside before the elevator door shut. He sighed and checked his wristwatch for time then nodded to himself.

“Okay, let us get this on the way and done with so I can leave here soonest.” He thought to himself.


“The plan is to spread Skyline clubs all over, in major places of New York and then we move outside and over.” Michael explained as he stood beside the projection. He had spent the last five minutes explaining and presenting the plans he had for Skyline clubs to the investors and to the board, it was not like they would not invest if he did not make such a detailed presentation but still, it would not hurt to stand up in front and give them the full view and show them the value of where and what their money was going into.

He stood still now, allowing them to take in and digest what he had just explained, according to his plans, their returns on interest would be tripled, if not more, he knew it was a deal they could not afford to let pass by or slip away. He beamed as he watched them look on and nodding their mostly bald heads, the smile on their faces told him that his efforts had been well received, even grandfather looked impressed.

There were twenty-six heads in the room, twenty-six men, twenty of whom were the ones who would fund this huge project with the monies from their pockets, monies that Skyline had helped doubled in the last project and their returns had not just been in cash, even in kind, they themselves knew that even without this kind of a formal meeting, they would still release whatever amount of money that Skyline requested for. Or more specifically, whatever amount of money that grandfather requested. Power was in play, and so was planning. Meticulous planning.

The door opened almost noiselessly but it dragged everyone’s attention because of the tap tap tapping of shoes that sounded as the person walked into the room. Michael's eye twitched and he frowned on seeing who had just entered, his gaze shifted to grandfather who now had a smile on the corner of his lips and his attention was on the man who had distracted them all. Chester Hunt.

“Forgive my lateness and interruption.” He apologized to all of them but mostly to grandfather because he stood before him.

“No, no. That is alright, you really did not interrupt much, Michael here was already done with his presentation. You came just in time.” Grandfather replied him, turning in the chair to face Chester.

Chester quickly glanced at Michael who was standing in the far corner, by the other end of the room watching him keenly. He could recognize the unmistakable glint of anger in Michael’s gaze before he turned to look away, he was sure he had interrupted something and grandfather was just… well, being grandfather, as always.

“Now that you are here,” Grandfather continued as he gestured to a seat close by for Chester to sit in. “Let us move on to the next agenda shall we gentlemen?”

Michael walked back to the table and sat in a seat directly opposite Chester, he watched him for a while before looking away, the main agenda had been for him, to decide about him and now that it was happening, Michael really wanted to leave the room but he knew that he had to stay, this decision would be affecting a lot of things and he wanted to know what kind of things it would be affecting.

“We had undergone a reshuffle in this company a few days ago.” Grandfather started, going straight to the point. “And now, we have a vacant position which has to be occupied immediately and that..” He turned to Chester. “…is why I had called you here Chester.”

Chester raised an eyebrow at grandfather. “I have to fill in that position?”

“As head of directors.”

Chester’s eyes went round the room briefly, looking at every man present before coming back to grandfather. “And there was no one to fill in that position?”

“It is a position reserved for you Chester, to mark your spot in the company.” Grandfather spoke.

“I do not think there is any need to mark any spot for me grandfather, since I am still part of the company.”

“Well yes, but still…”

“It is not a position I can accept grandfather, I am sorry but I also have my business to focus on.”

“It is also not a position you can decline as you have the largest share in this company after me.”

Chester chuckled and rubbed his index and middle finger against his temple, turning his head in the direction grandfather was seated then spoke under his breath. “Are you trying to tie me here?”

But grandfather did not respond to Chester despite having heard him, he closed the file in front of him and handed it over to Daniel who had stood quietly behind him this whole time, then he directed his next instructions to Chester. “Your office had been cleared out and redecorated, I will have someone take you to your new office. Welcome aboard Chester Hunt.”

Immediately he said that he stood up and every other man in the room did so, except for Chester who was still baffled as to how all this had happened so soon. One by one, after grandfather had left, each man left as well until it was just he and Michael left in the room.

“I guess I should congratulate you.” Michael said, walking around the table until he stood as close enough as he wanted to Chester. “Head of directors.”

Chester groaned and stood up. “Not right now Michael. Not right now please.” he walked out of the room leaving Michael chuckling to himself.


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Written by   109
1 year ago
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