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My Review: Blink by Ted Dekker

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2 years ago

As a book lover and a book worm, lol, I have lots of people who's work I love to read but only a few, just a handful that I absolutely love with all my heart; Ted Dekker, Frank Peritti and G.P. Taylor.

My favorite being Ted Dekker.

Ted writes in a way that keeps you glued to the book, the fear of putting it down and not knowing what lay on the next page will grip you so forcefully you'll read into the next day. Literally.

Yea, it happened to me many times when I would read into the night and fall asleep on the book, wake up the next morning and continue. Ending the book was always the saddest part.

My folks once complained that I read too much and don't go out. Haha.

When I was still in secondary school, I and @Jessiepinkss would go to this library - Book City- that not too far from school to buy books, it was there I got my first G.P. Taylor's book - Wormwood. This one is also a killer novel, story for some other time. Lol. But almost as we were finishing up secondary school, the library was moved to another location. One that was extremely far from us. It was really painful.

A few book of Ted that I've read and fallen in love with include;

• Infidel

• Skin

• House (written with Frank Peritti)

• Blink

• Three

Others I'm looking out for include;

• Red

• Adam

• Outlook

• Blink of an eye

• Green

There are more but let's stop there. Mostly, Ted's books are in series, like Red, Green and White (or is it black?).

I'm going to be talking about Blink. So this is a story connecting mainly two characters; Mariam and Seth from totally opposite sides of the world and with different opinions on religion. Seth has been given a gift of foresight but doesn't know why until he encounters the Saudi princess, Mariam.

Mariam is from a society where women have no right or any say in matters, where they are to do as they are told without questions but she is a young woman seeking freedom so when she is betrothed to a man she hates, she escapes the country with the help of a trusted friend but who would have thought of it to end there, this is where the journey starts...

The book is about their roller coaster journey, dangers, not knowing who to trust and who to stay away from, beliefs, customs, traditions, laws and love.

This is a little piece from Blink

The heart of history beats in the Middle East, that plot of ground surrounding the holy city of Jerusalem. It was there along the Euphrates in a garden called Eden that history began. And it will be there in a land called Israel, a stone's throw from that same garden, that history will end. The Middle East was the birth place of Abraham and Isaac and Ishmael. It was the birth place of Christ. And it was the birth place of Mohammed.

What happened in history happened because of what first occurred in this small corner of the world. And what happens in the future will happen because of what first occurs in the Middle East. It has always been so; it is so now; it will be so, until the end.

Everyone knows this.

But not everyone knows what happens in the Middle East itself will be largely shaped by what happens south of Jerusalem, in the great desert land known as the Arabian Peninsula. The mother land of Mecca, the birth place of Islam. Saudi Arabia.

And what happens to Saudi Arabia will largely depend on what happens to the royal family that rules the land, the House of Saud.

And what happens to the House of Saud will largely depend on the fate of one woman, a princess in the House of Saud.

Her name is Mariam and this is her story.

But what happens to Mariam will depend entirely on what happens in a land far from her own. In America. To a very uncommon man who has absolutely nothing in common with Mariam.

His name is Seth and this is his story too.


Seth's eyes opened. He really was thirsty. Amazing how that worked. He should get up and-

The images crashed in on his mind then, like full load of bricks dropped off at the end of a dump truck. He jerked up in bed, heart thumping at the walls of his chest. They'd found the car!

A hundred futures streamed through his mind and in all of them his door was broke down under the kick of a boot within the next five minutes.

He spun to the clock radio - 2:51am.

Seth threw the covers back, rolled out of bed, and grabbed his pants. He had no clue what was happening to Mariam. As far as he knew, they already had her. He cursed himself under his breath and pulled on his cords, arms trembling. Think. Think!

He ran to the window and was about to pull back the shade for a peek when it occurred to him that he would be seen by an officer in the lot. He'd seen that. He was still seeing the future.

Seth stepped back, breathing hard. Control yourself, boy. Find a future in which you get out of here before they kick the doors in.

His mind flashed through dozens of scenarios.

A single scenario popped into his mind - one in which the door was kicked in to an empty room. Hope flooded his veins. He had to find the thread of possibilities that led to that scenario! He had to get out of the room. Focus! Start at the beginning.

Still shaking, he took a deep breath and closed his eyes. Focus. Swirling in a frothing sea of futures, a single one popped to the surface. It was the only one he could see in which he got out of the room unseen.

It occurred in precisely ten seconds, when all the officers in the courtyard below had their eyes diverted for a span of three seconds, allowing him just enough time to slip out and into the shadows beside the door.

Seven seconds now....

Beyond that....

Six seconds.

He didn't have the time to consider the endless possibilities beyond that. God help me. There is no God.

Seth ran for the doors shirtless and shoeless. He slipped back the chain, unlocked the door, and counted. Three, two, one.....


Tell me you love Ted Dekker too😋

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Written by   109
2 years ago
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I didn't know ted dekker- but this looks like such a good book. Oof now the dilemma between anime and books will arise again ;;-;;

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2 years ago

😂😂😂 read a book!

I love Ted, he's a whole different vibe❤️❣️

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2 years ago

But my anime list :"" but that looks like a fine ass book

I'm more of caled carr but this seems to be on a lighter yet still serious side of the world ;;-;;

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2 years ago


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2 years ago

Alright this is great, and I didn't know about Ted Dekker. I'll go check him out now.

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2 years ago

Lol. You'll love him entirely 😊😊😊

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2 years ago