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It was late in the evening when Megan finished packing, she didn't carry much when she was coming here so there wasn't much to pack, but she had taken her time, thinking, and crying, and packing. She thought to forget Omar but even she knew that it would be even more difficult if not impossible, she loved the man too much. He was to get married to someone else, someone of a higher social status and of power, someone of influence and she was just a regular, simple American who just fell in love. She had cried so much that her eyes were now puffy. She sat, and waited, gazing outside the window, she let her mind wander, praying that Samir got here before Omar, she didn't want him to see her leaving.

When Samir had gotten the message from the Sheikh, he hadn't hesitated but he was curious and he knew something was not right, the Sheikh wouldn't tell him but maybe Megan might if he coaxed her successfully. He arrived at the house an hour later, the Sheikh was seated in the living room waiting to welcome him. He smiled when he saw the young man. Samir bowed in greeting.

"Wa'salaam alakium Sheikh, I came as soon as I received your message, is errr... Everything alright?"

"Everything is alright Samir, alakium as-salaam. I just need your help with something."

"Anything Sheikh."

"The American woman..."


"Yes Megan, I need you to help me take her back to America," he faced Samir who was somehow shocked. "She requested herself."

"Herself? She requested for me by herself?" He was truly surprised. The Sheikh only nodded.

"Hmm.." he calmed down a bit, breathing out before adding. "And Omar?"

He knew of Omar's intentions towards Megan, he knew the kind of relationship they had between them and he also knew why Megan was being kept in the Sheikh's home and it was not because she was a guest as he had been told. Omar had brought her to Saudi to introduce her to his father as the woman he wanted to settle down with but things hadn't gone as planned. He had done his homework which involved him paying for most of the information he now had.

"Work." The Sheikh's answer was simple.

Samir knew that 'work' involved the marriage between Omar and the princess or was just an excuse for him to stop prying. Samir didn't ask any further but kept wondering if Omar was going to marry the princess, then why bring Megan to Saudi Arabia in the first place. Except if he hadn't been aware he was to marry the princess in the first place.

A sudden noise claimed the attention of Samir. He watched as Megan walked down the stairs dragging a small bag by her side, her head was down and her movement slow, when she got to the last stair she looked up, Samir was here. She watched his lips twitch in a smile and he stretched his back, shoving his hands into his trouser pocket, the grey suit he wore encouraged his frame. He wasn't as muscular as Omar, but he was just as attractive.

"Megan, how have you been faring?" He asked mostly out of courtesy. She looked drained and weak, making him wonder how she was being treated since she came here.

"Hmm... Good." She replied. She wasn't in the mood for talks, she was only in the mood to board a plane back to America and she wanted to do that before Omar showed up.

"Are you set? Then let's go." Samir said, reaching to help her in lifting the small bag. Megan nodded, she glanced quickly at the Sheikh and bowed slightly, not uttering a word.

"Let's go." She said to Samir and almost immediately she heard Omar's voice and they froze. She was really hoping to have left before he would come back.

"And where are you going to?" Omar stepped in, anger showed on his face as he focused his gaze on Megan. She held his eyes briefly before looking down, this was what she wanted to avoid - the questions.

"Omar..." She didn't know how to begin or what to say so she kept quiet.

"Where are you going to and without so much as letting me know about it." He questioned, his voice echoing around the large space.

"Megan here says she wants to return home. Back to America." The Sheikh answered and sat back down, crossing his legs. Let the drama begin.


"I'm returning back to America Omar, I want to go back."

"And without so much as telling me?"

"I... was going to but..."

He moved his gaze to Samir who stood quietly watching Megan. "And you're going back with him?" Omar was broken.

'Omar please don't think too much, don't think up anything.' Megan pleaded in her heart. 'Please just don't.'

"Yes, I will be returning with Samir back to America."

Omar stepped closer to her and looked her straight in the eye. "Are you getting back together with him?"

'I'm not getting back together with him Omar, I love you and you know it, but these few days have really broken me and I just want to fix myself up, away from all this mess, away from these troubles and mostly away from your father. You're to get married to a princess. A princess! And who am I to stop that? Even you can't stop that no matter how much hope you paint into my view. I'm not running away from you Omar but then what choices do I have here?'

She wanted to say that to him, to assure him of her intentions but she couldn't, from the corner of her eye she could see that the Sheikh attention was on her, watching her keenly like a hawk would watch a chick before swooping down to grab it.

One wrong move Megan.

She lowered her eyes and whispered. "Yes."

Both Omar and Samir looked at her in shock. Samir smirked, what luck hovered around him? He had plans to get her back but without even having implemented them she was coming to him of her own will. Omar was pained. She made to walk past him in her hurry but he grabbed at her arm, she tried to shake him off, she didn't want him to see her cry.

"If you do this then you would be dead to me Megan." Omar spoke, stopping her at the door with his words, hoping for her to turn back and run into his arms, telling him repeatedly that she loved him and would never leave, but she didn't. Rather she paused, looked over her shoulder and smiled weakly.

"Goodbye, Omar." With that, she gently removed his hold on her arm and left with Samir who couldn't help the grin that spread on his face. She was coming back together with him and he couldn't believe it.

Omar felt helpless watching her leave, unable to stop her. If he held her here against her will then there would be almost no difference between what he would be doing and what his father did. He couldn't keep her against her will. He stood unmoving at the entrance where she could see him, waiting for her to snap and turn back running to him. But she didn't, she got into the back seat of the car and shut the door while Samir got her bag into the trunk.

He could still see her, her head was down and her face buried in her palms, her shoulders shook and he could tell she was crying. Samir got into the car's back seat from the other side and he pulled Megan to himself to console her. Omar watched her lean her head into his chest as the car drove out of the compound. She was gone.

His palms fisted and his chest heaved as pain flooded his heart. He turned inside and stormed upstairs to his room, slamming the door shut in annoyance. She left. She left with Samir and he couldn't do anything but watch.

"What have you done this time?" Omar questioned his father. He knew that Megan's decision was influenced and there was no other person capable of doing so other than his father. He faced him.

"You clearly heard what she said. It was her sole decision."

"Are you satisfied? Do you think doing this would make me agree to marry the princess?!"

"You have already agreed Omar." Khalid stood. "You already have."

"Why? Why are you this way?" Omar could feel his heart begin to crack not just because of Megan leaving him, but also of his father's cruel ways.

He had brought Megan to Saudi Arabia to introduce her to his father, to show his father the woman he wanted to marry, the woman he wanted to be with for the rest of his life, but instead, things had gone upside down. His impossible being of a father had messed with his happiness. He had to marry princess Mariam.


She was also responsible for this mess and he would blame her. Mariam, his father and the King. He calmed down, he would have to meet with her but it was quite late to do that today. He would see her first thing tomorrow morning.

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Written by   109
1 year ago
Topics: Books, Novel, Romance, Fiction
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