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Burning Desires

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1 year ago

Megan sank into the bathtub, allowing her body to welcome the warm, and soothing water. She had missed this; the peace of mind that comes with the loneliness of her apartment, the freedom to do as she pleased without being restricted, the lavender smell of her bathroom and quacky, the small rubber duck sitting on the edge of the bathtub. She reached out and rubbed the slippery head before squeezing the belly, it made a short quack noise, and Megan half laughed. She squeezed it two more times before dropping it in the water close to her chest.

Leaning back and relaxing, she let her hands drop on either side of the tub. Her left hand reached out for the bottle of wine which laid just below the tub and she lifted it up. Deciding not to bother refilling the now empty glass, she brought the bottle to her lips and tipped her head backward, gulping the red liquid down in a rush. She choked and coughed, placed the bottle down, and chuckled sadly.

"Omar, I'm really sorry." Hiccup. "I'm really really sorry. But I needed this break, at least I thought that was what I needed... but I miss you terribly...."

Her heart ached so badly, she had left Omar and it was killing her, she knew it would hurt her but she hadn't anticipated this much feeling of hurt and helplessness. She felt her heart giving out, maybe she shouldn't have left him, maybe he really did need her to stay by his side but she saw no reason why she should continue staying there since she saw herself as a tool used to hold Omar down and make him do things against his will. Now that she was gone, she really hoped that he would find his strength and maybe come back for her, she hoped he didn't believe what she had said about her getting back together with Samir. He should know that she would never do that.

Samir was just someone she had been in love with once, someone she had loved with all of her heart. If he had come back earlier then maybe she would have forgiven him because it had taken a great deal to forget him and heal herself, it had taken three years to get over him and now she loved another, there was absolutely no way she could get back together with Samir. There was absolutely no place for him in her heart anymore.

He had dropped her off right in front of her apartment, it baffled her that he still knew the way to her apartment because she had slept off for most of the ride and had only realized she was home when he had woken her up. Despite his offer to make her dinner which she knew she needed and didn't have the strength to make for herself, she had refused and had shut the door in his face.  

She was weak emotionally and knew she would be very vulnerable if he made advances. She didn't want to take any chances and end up making her life any more complicated than it already was, she didn't want him to think she was actually planning on getting back together with him. She would never, even if things didn't work out between her and Omar, she would never get back together with Samir.  

He didn't leave immediately but lingered around the premises and leaned on his car. She watched him from the window for a while and he would sometimes look up to catch a glimpse of her but she had drawn the curtains and she could only see him but he could see her. He could be there all night if it pleased him, she wouldn't bother. He had broken her into pieces once before, what was the guarantee that he wouldn't do the same again? Or worse?  

He wasn't a womanizer, that much she knew but he attached sentimental value to work, business and religion. If he had to choose between her and these things of value to him, she was almost certain she would be kicked to the curb. She walked away from the window and made to settle into her apartment, she would need a shower first.

She splashed around in the tub and turned her head to the side, catching a glimpse of her drunken self in the mirror. She looked pitiful, drained, and weary and soon she began to cry. Was it a crime now to fall in love? Or maybe it was something not meant for her to grab and keep. Twice now, she had been left shattered. She didn't want to fall in love anymore. She just didn't have the heart to do so.  

She picked up the bottle and studied it in the dim light. Her vision was beginning to blur. She shook the bottle which was now almost empty before swallowing the last gulp then relaxed into the bathtub and allowed sleep to begin to take over her slowly. Somehow she felt Omar's arms hugging her around her waist from behind and she cuddled into his chest, holding on to his powerful arms as he pulled her tighter to him.

He trailed kisses along her neck, biting into her skin and rearing up to her desires, the sensation caused her to moan softly and she reached her hand behind to hold on to his hair, tilting her head sideways to give him full access to her neck as he continued his assault on her skin. He nibbled on the part of her skin just below her ear lobe, biting and sucking to leave a mark and one hand came up slowly to cup her left breast, squeezing gently and pinching on her nipples. Megan gasped, goosebumps formed on her arms and thighs. She brought her hand to hold his which was still massaging her breasts, urging him on. She wanted more.

Omar let his other hand go down under the water, he trailed his finger teasingly down her stomach till he reached her opening. When his fingers brushed against them she instinctively slapped her legs closed but a fierce bite on her neck made her scream out and her legs parted in obedience, giving him full access. Omar growled at her seductive moans when he rubbed his fingers against her clits, he felt his erection harden and he thrust his middle finger into her, squeezing her breast roughly.

Megan let out a scream and her back arched away from him but he pulled her back to himself, pressing his hardness against her back. She brought her hand to grab his arm wanting to slow him down but he wouldn't stop. He added another finger inside her, earning another scream of pleasure from her.


She wasn't a virgin but she was still very tight, her walls squeezed his fingers and she tried to rock her hips in motion to his movement in her but he was thrusting into her roughly, he felt his patience slip away fast with the way she was constantly gasping and moaning out his name, it ignited a fire in him and he wanted nothing more than to be buried inside of her. Megan was small and didn't weigh much, it made it easier for him to lift her, positioning her against his hardened erection and slowly bring her down on it.

She held on to either side of the tub when he held her small waist firmly. She felt his hardness come against her opening, felt herself stretch to accommodate him till he was fully inside of her. She heard him groan when she wiggled a bit to tease him but Omar could not be patient. He lifted her again and brought her down hard on him. Megan screamed.


"Don't try to tease me, Megan." His voice was hoarse and he bit into her back. "I cannot be patient with you."

He bounced her on himself slowly at first and repeatedly matching his thrusts into her from below. She felt his erection hit the bottom of her stomach with each bounce and thrust, she felt pain and pleasure surge through her, and her cries filled the bathroom.

"Omar, please slow down. It is beginning to hurt." She begged.

"I can't." He moaned, tilting his head backward. "I just can't."

He continued till he came close to his release and he increased his pace before he spilled into her. She collapsed back on his chest exhausted, with him still buried in her.

"Are you ok?" She asked and he replied with a hum. His hand still massaged her breasts and his other hand rubbed on her clits, stimulating her again and her body tensed.

"Omar... what are you doing?" She whispered.

"Nothing." He replied and continued at a faster pace.

"Omar don't..." She gasped and her moans filled his ears.

"Don't what?" He pinched her nipples and nibbled on her neck. "Tell me, what shouldn't I do?"

Omar felt her walls tighten around his manhood which had now hardened again and he knew she was close because she grabbed his laps, her nails digging into his skin but he wouldn't please her just yet. He stopped his fingers on her clit but continued massaging her breasts.

"You have to tell me, Omar don't what? Hmm?" He whispered into her ear, biting it.

"Don't stop please." She rasped out the words and he smiled. He began to move in and out of her at a faster pace while still rubbing on her clits and soon enough she moaned out his name as she came, breathing heavily.

Megan relaxed in the tub having let her imaginations take over her. She smiled thinking of Omar and slept off.

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Written by   109
1 year ago
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I am not sure how many will read this but it's a good story, well written..👍🍀

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1 year ago

thank you so much ^-^

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1 year ago