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Learning is creation new connections,

Remembering is maintaining those connections. Forming new neural pathways means new thought patterns which inevitably brings your life to a whole change because everything old would remain in the past. This includes everything, even physical objects. We start to see time as relative and meliable. The only big difference between our younger self, our self now and our higher self is the present awareness. When we change the way we think, the way we think changes. When we change the think we think about, the things we think about change. It's a choice they see, we always have a choice, being angry, taking offense even being insulted is a choice too? It appears to be so. Which means that being happy is a choice too? Feeling good is a choice too? Letting no-one be better than me cos they can never be me DOA, is a choice too? Looks like I got a choice of cleaning up to do. I've chosen to listen to people, follow them, love them, be there for them actively choosing to get disappointed again and again. I've been quite unaware of my freedom of choice. God it got so far as being in places with laws, like what are these? And I still choose to follow them, we got a book the Bible, I've had a God called Jesus for all my life, that choice I like because now I know who I am strong like and who I'm stronger than. Every time I got offended I chose that? Yup, every time anything was out of whack, I chose that? Looks like you did.

Damn I've been choosing a whole lot of blindness and unawareness. So if my life is a sum of all the choices I've made before this, if I don't like what is put together all I have to do is make better choices? That's right. One choice to rule them all like the lord of the rings?

Ahhhh not quite, it's more like detox, you just clean up and it doesn't stop. You keep cleaning up until you find your choice of favorite clean-up methods. When you do find that you feel good, that good feeling is the prayer to the universe/God. That's what you keep getting, not based on yesterday or last year but based on right now! How do you feel, do you like how you feel? Work on it, choose better, feel better. It's gets hard, the knot in the stomach won't dissipate. That's a good, just breath, four seconds in, hold for four, breath for six to eight seconds. Do this as many times as you can while choosing how you want to feel and feeling it. It's the same for money except that money doesn't really like the knot in the stomach that much so it gets scared away fast. You'd need to make better choices on how to keep feeling good so the money keeps coming in. The thing about money is that like everything else it's energy, not just energy because energy is not just, energy makes up everything. So by constantly needing to consume another's energy, and feeling good about it, that's the prayer to the universe to get more people to consume from. That's where your whole life will base from all in this one choice of feeling. If you choose to study yourself and create your own reality you will see the universe unfolding differently. Something like the only true law there is if there's any laws then it's love. Everything is love, war, anger, death oh especially death is love, a transformation from what is thought to be all into oblivion. We choose to recognize romance as love, hugs and kisses as love, recreation and procreation is called live making but only the brave would dare say that what we call struggling and suffering too is making love.

Why? You at your purest core, are love. Everything in your experience is of the perspective of love, how then can it not be love? If what's on the outside is the reflection of what's on the inside? Is this the secret to loving yourself more? Being more open to pain? Not really you transform with it. Realize that it's an illusion made from other illusions to fit our current awareness and comprehension. Meaning that letting it all go actually means being here, present in the now no memories from the past or anxiousness about the future. It's all good all day everyday. How do you get better if not from memory? You keep choosing the moment to get better. It's your experience for God and only you can have it the way you will have it so make the best Experience for you thereby giving God the best of your best. And God is you, you are God, it's all Love, major love.

Truth and responsibilities will set you straight and free. Take care not to choose half truths as your direction but rather follow how you feel and don't neglect yourself into situations you do not like or want to be in. Realize that each single thing, person, entity you see or don't see is love. They love you too, they love you so much that they mirror how you feel. If you feel frisky, you'll see. If you feel scared, they'll give you something to be scared about. If you feel brave, smart and solution oriented then you will get all the challenges you can get. The challenges are infinite just like love. They too are love. When you decide or make a choice to see love the feeling changes from hard rigidity to softness. It's something of a choice, the reason why you can feel bad and have bad reflected to you is because there's still bad love out there and it won't go away, I mean away out of existence. The best you can do is create your kind of love. Explore yourself and ask yourself what's your love language? What makes you feel good? Do you need a signal from without? That's probably true to the outside, dig deeper and you'll find that the number or amount of things that make you feel good or talk your love language are so many they could be everything is existence. How then can what I think of as bad be good? The thought, realizing all is love, thinking and knowing all is love will bring forth much needed transformations like getting the lesson to show effects of whatever is being thought of as bad. In the mix of the lesson whether by a person or the universe itself, we will be able to find times and places and exact things, situations and conditions that started or strengthened the way we think hence the way we live.

Just like water, air, fire, earth, ether, space, vacuums and different bodies and states, we are all maliable and it starts with the thought, the word, the action, the habit , the change of choice that makes a better feeling you as per your own perspective and what you are about. Not about how we are dictating your experiences, teaching how to be scared and fearful then everyone keep you fearful and scared. That's laughable, be joy, be bliss, be happy, you are all that you need. And they too are all that you need. Even when they destroy me? That's the point of growth isn't it? To prune away the dead wood or that which doesn't serve you nomore. That's exactly what is happening, you are transforming every single day into what you choose to become. Make yourself proud.

Our transformation is all too mental, mindset and thought patterns, it's physical too, the gut, heart and brain need to be fed right. It's spiritual too, at all costs it's absolutely necessary that we get spiritual and InTouch with out higher self or at least be aware of him. It's sexual too, we'd need to observe our sexual activities and what they really mean to us and our choices to be better. It's emotional too, when we take care of our mind, body, the emotions tune in just right, to bring forth all that you need. For this you'll have to choose growth through it all. By growth you'll learn all you need and then you'll have grown enough to free yourself and others. The truth is that to free only oneself and live a life of pretending to free others or similar hypocrisy is what keeps sucking. To stop sucking, you'd need to send out non sucky feelings of prayers and God will put you through a series of tests and challenges through all these people that you want to have but they are mere tools and objects of God that why you should see God in them, love in them, good in them. Because they are good. No doubt about that.

Hurt people exist, healing exists too. Pleasure through pain and pleasure through joy and happiness is not the same. Your choice make you no matter what family or line of God's you belong too. It's still your experience that teaches you and only by changing the way you think, by learning new connections and remembering those connections do you welcome the new you. There's so many new you's and they are all here with you right now.

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