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I'll actually forget to put some footage in here simply because I am paying it forward.

Lets hit it!

9 Week Life Flip Challenge

My preparation before the challenge had been to get myself into the right mode for this 9 week challenge. My 9 week challenge was inspired by on tiktok. When I came across her tiktok clip a couple of days ago I decided to save her clip. Saving tiktok clips has been very instrumental to my progress. With this one, watching it over and over again helped me get into the right mode to take up the challenge. This challenge is meant to flip my life around in 9 weeks. For me this is like a boost to my way of life already because I've been character building for a while now. I always thought of taking up my 9 month body goals challenge. I kept failing miserably at this challenge, giving up after a few days at a time. With this 9 week challenge, I've managed to get myself in the right mode. I'll be using this 9 week challenge as a much needed detox of my own resistance to get to my own 9 months body goals challenge.

I have learned quite a few things about these challenges that didn't come through. One of the things I've learned is that, it's much easier and better to form and step into a lifestyle than it is to actually take on challenges. What I mean here is that merging your lifestyle with the challenge in order to allow yourself to transform easier by taking the challenge as a habit that you are picking up. In preparation I've been getting my money right, like it's about time 😅. As they say it's not all about the money but I'm like, to have more choices you need to be able to provide for yourself in ways that power your dreams on a real level to progress. In other words it's ok to drop the trial type of life ( for most people, life is like those 30 day free trials in cycles). Getting your money right is absolutely necessary and crucial to progress. The way challenges are setting you up for progression like a life flip is so that you gear up to take on all the plans, dreams and goals you keep putting off. These challenges are the much needed boost to build up the right momentum, the right energy, the right skills, the right mindset, the right environment, the right flow and all the right things. Looking at all that you have been putting off you do realize that it's about getting into the right flow with all of you in a continuous manner. A lifestyle.

From the way you eat, the way you talk, who you talk to, what you talk about, what you think about or don't think about, where you are, how you are, who you are with, what you daily rituals and routines are. All these and more contribute a lot to why you keep putting of your much needed progressive plans. Most people like to say it's money limits, I'd like to think that getting in tune with yourself by these challenges will get you the money. It's about a focused flow, like how nature flows, the birds fly together, the waves easing their way from the far seas to release their energies on the shoreline. It's in the winds and currents both cold and warm currents exchanging places to bring rain, fog or snow in different variations based on the pressures up high in the atmosphere and down on the ground. It's about time, location and elemental conditions. It's about love, love for oneself, enough love and gratitude to power your first step into the first second that will start off your life flip challenge. Its very important to note that when we change the things we think about, the things we thing about change. Same goes for things we see, when we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change. What this means is that its all about love and perception, what you give to the world/life the world/life gives to you. Loving yourself shows the world/life that you are worthy of more love. Hating on the next person shows the world/life that you deserve hate, and so hate goes around then people start crying about things going wrong. It's what you cultivate within you that will project out. In that is the definition of that you can't give what you are not, if you don't challenge yourself to be better how will you give better? We like to look at the world with so much contrast. Contrast is very good so we know what we want and what we do not want. Contrast also overwhelms to cause reasons to complain amongst other challenge killing habits. Sometimes it comes off like an observation or a judgement that we do not realize that we are complaining. Some will never how out of the life of complaining, this shows life and the world that you actually need more to complain about. So then you will find all types of conditions coming to you to complain about.

When you tune into love you find that everything is love, everyone is love. I found this to be the best starting point to any one of my challenges and endeavours. Be it money, personal, or broader goals and dreams, it all comes down to the love. The love I put into my work determines how much more refined it will be. Same for thoughts, the more love I put into my thoughts the more refined my thoughts become. This ultimately means that the world/life inevitably gets the message that I am about that love so I get more love in all sorts of manner. Keeping the love and leveling up to a more specific and focus on where I'd like that love shows the world/life what kind of live I'd like to have, slowly the world starts giving me that kind of love in that focused point. As I explore more of that focus of love, that love for me gets more refined. This refined the love that the world/life gives me.

As we live in a duality, it's important to align with that love, the imbalance of not aligning will cause a very bad whiplash on the snapback. It get real bad like an accident. People keep being surprised by incidents and accidents, to me it's easy to filter out the noise and realize that there was an imbalance in the duality of the energies involved in the accident. That's the only way I have observed accidents to happen because the imbalance has build up so much that it could not take any more, it takes itself out. It's very tragic and the best way to go on about it is to align with what you are really about. This means that even if you want to be the worst person alive, you just align with being the worst on both sides of you and there will be little to no incidents. This is how bad people keep winning, because they are true and aligned to their duality. You align to yours by exploring yourself to your core and so you create tunnel vision for what you are about. For me that's always been love, getting back at love has been my goal, it's my goal and it will always be my goal. That however doesn't mean I cannot be bad because I too am on earth which mean I have my shrewdness too. Which I love because it balances me out, it's the side of me that cheats, lies and play funny games. I don't entertain much of it in growing into love, I just enjoy observing my mind coaching me into different variations of bad genius levels. Which I'm cool with because it shows me where I am on both sides of my duality. Embracing myself in all my ways shapes and forms has been a very good way to explore more into myself love.

I think I could carry on much more but I'll write another articles on that someday. For now let's get into the 9 week life flip challenge digest and flow

1. Progress Pic

There's a lot of progress pics that one can take over the period of 9 weeks, 63 pics if you take one every day. There's a few types of progress pics, a selfie and full body are my focus. My start to the challenge will have a compilation of my recently taken pics, mostly selfies as I was preparing for my 9 week life flip challenge. I will of course take full body progress pics.

The selfies focus more on the face, head and shoulders. A good focus point. The hair growth, facial hair growth if any, the clarity of the skin and change of pigment, if any deformations, whatever progressions made will be very noticeable in selfies. 9 week will grow your hair by an inch or more. I have plum dye in my hair that has since turned golden due to washes and elemental exposures. I am most definitely interested in my hair growth and progression just to know what I'll do with my hair. If I'll cut it or keep growing it. If I'll dye it and what colour. If I'll style it and how often because I use to do different styling when I grew my hair a few years back during my studies in Beijing. I'll drop a pic right here.

This challenge is also a confidence boost for me to come out and show who I am. Being shy and not showing my face has been a resistance that I needed to overcome for a while now. This is the perfect opportunity to expose myself because the momentum flows with freedom of exposure and expression. I'm also not hoping that y'all love my looks or hate, I honestly do not care because you already like my content. 😏🕉️😘.

2. Meditation (5-10 minutes)

This has been a point of resistance for quite a while. I've found it hard to just calm down practice mindfulness. I've learned so much from the gurus and sadhus and mystics amongst other great teachers but I needed this one. I'll actually increase the 5-10 minutes to 30 minutes and eventually over an hour a few times a day too.

3. Half a gallon of water

This one is rather sensitive because none of us really like that fluoride waters. On this, I'll work on getting a centralised and decentralised water purification system. In adapting purified water into my life based on the results I have achieved during my no fluoride challenge. The results I have achieved showed that an increased pH lifestyle is crucial for a disease free and worry free life amongst other forms of releases in the duality. It's really a no brainer in that a lowered pH lifestyle which is the way of most people's life creates breading grounds for all sorts of dis-eases in the duality. So a gallon of water is completely good for clearing the system and the gut. With this in mind it's very important to note that the kind of water intake of a gallon is important. Of course it's entirely up to me to gravitate towards what serves me best. Of course I've made peace with the fact that strict discipline and adherence to this challenge will be flawed by occasional mishaps but that's alright. Having a drink or two will probably help me put out a word or two about my own brand. The highest pH of water that I ever drank was about 9.8 I think although I'm sure that I most certainly drank more alkalotic staff, I do have to be more conscious in my choices of drink and observe the different effect.

4. Write a journal, planners count on too

This is my favorite part, writing. I love writing so much that I know for sure I'll never give it up. It's the one true path to progressive progression. One sure way to lock in goals, memories and store up good energies for later revivals.

My ideal journaling method is online. A physical journal works, I foresee this life flip challenge getting me a physical journal. Which will be super cool. I'm working on my YouTube channel to blog and create content on the documentary side of things. This too is my way of keeping myself in check, same as journaling. I have a podcast set-up where I upload two times a day. Varying lengths of content everyday on different topics, not too different from what you are reading now. Not limited to this too.

I've observed the power of journaling again when I started off this year with journaling in my phone notes. I had an imaginary 1K to spend every day. I actually uploaded a compilation of these entries on my other page. By the way it's totally legal and allowed to have multiple accounts of

5. Eat Clean

There is more than a million nerves in the stomach alone. This goes a long way to show just how sensitive the gut is. It's often called the second brain. Also often said is that you are what you eat so eating clean is totally crucial to progress in any challenge or endeavors. I've observed many diets, my favorite is most certainly a meat diet, mutton and chicken to be specific, that is not entirely clean and for that reason I made myself observe and study different diets. No meat diet, vegetables only diet, diary only diet, protein only diet, for a very short while a water only diet, sea food only diet, no fish diet, all fish diet, juices only diet, a fruit diet, an alcoholic only diet (you'd be surprised), an alcoholic and food diet. What I found is that all these diets are functional and can work to give varying results from the efforts put into them to serve the intended purpose in the present challenge. My personal best diet preference is the alkaline diet. This one is about turning up the pH, not too much but around 8-9. This is best of all time especially during fasting stages. Filling up the diet with lime, moringa, spirulina, sea moss, kelp, turmeric ( it's important to know that turmeric by itself is rather dormant, peperino which is component in pepper will activate much of the turmeric, it doesn't matter much if it's black pepper or white pepper or Cayenne pepper, although black pepper works best), oregano and cilantro is such a beautiful compliment to any diet. I've adapted these and more to alkalize my diet and it worked, still works because consistency is the only currency that matters the most. That's why this challenges sort of have to fuse with lifestyle in order to stick. So I'm always on to better methods to clean up my diet, kelp served the best. Sea water is super activating too.

6. 1 hour of physical activity

I've faced a lot of pitfalls and down plays on my physical therapy. I am a very active individual, ever since my return from Beijing, I've been working out. I've been practising emergency medicine for a while and during this time I needed to be very fit. Fitness was also a prerequisite to the entry into the emergency medical care studies. It's the best studies I never completed but the fitness stuck. I've been on a lag for some time although I'd put in some pull ups and push ups, I found myself to go long periods without any workout.

The workouts I use to do was a lot of body work and calisthenics. Pull ups, pushups, bag punches and more. Not much running, I generally don't run for fitness. The most running I did in my life was the 2.5 kilometers runs I did in the emergency medical program. We ran every Monday afternoon, sometimes we do excursions where we'd go out into the mountains and do emergency medicine type of camping. We tested most extremes because in times of rescue one would need to be super prepared for all kinds of confined spaces and this required fitness, both mind and body.

Truth of this matter is that only now my mind is getting healthy, I was operating on a healthy body the whole time.

These days I skip a lot, I skip almost as soon as I wake up. Round about +1000 jumps although I rarely count. I like to skip twice a day when possible. Skipping for an hour for my life flip challenge will definitely be a good start. Although I plan on incorporating a new exercise every week for diversity. In the clip Hannah is noted saying that this can include house chores and walks so it's basics. Joining the gym would definitely be a plus, especially on my own long term lifestyle goals.

7. Say Something that you grateful for out loud

Gratitude is super powerful, there is so much power that fills up when we are grateful. Shouting out loud something that I am grateful for send a message to the universe that I want or need more of that. My shout word for the day is love and growth! I mean I can flex it like I'd like.

8. Do 1 thing that your future self will thank you for

This is really powerful, it's a form of time travel. How I've been doing this all my life by paying it forward has paid off well. What I'm currently doing to love my future self is growing, a lot of growing. Loving a lot of loving. Writing a lot of writing. Reading a lot of reading. Mining, StormGains. Trading, on pause till I clean my gut. Crypto observations, a lot of crypto observations and analysis. There's a lot more that I'm doing for my future self as I found that it's the best way to love myself and grow. The occasional suicidal thoughts make these things obsolete but I wake up and bake anyway, whenever I can.

A lot of growth into investments, agricultural research investments, air and hotel industries are a real good investment now that they are low. As the new normal catches on, the rises will be observed all over the place. Especially now that the people are realizing that they don't need to be in the office to work or class to school and the decentralized economic freedom offers the much needed push.

9. Work on something you have been putting off

This would be coding, to me coding is a very valuable part of me. I love languages, I am multilingual and I'd like to learn even more languages. Maybe over ten languages or more as the universe can afford me. Coding is another language of mine, computer coding and bio coding all fall under one classification.

Actually this is my added point, Hannah has 8. I added the 9th which is mutable every other week as the challenge gets me digging deeper, I'm sure I'll find other things I've been putting of, like completing my studies or something like that. Whatever I'll find will have a week's focus, if need be, more!

That's a wrap!


There's two more to this one.....

But here's a little review of the first quarter ...

I started off this year with only one goal in mind. That goal was and will continue to be growth in every way shape and form. I do not limit myself to any limits, especially not those that keep me from learning more. I know this is true to me that it's ok to be wrong for a long time, what's more ok is finding the right way to do it and doing it.

We just finished the first quarter of the year. Into the second quarter, I am seeing myself more liberated. Although in repeating cycles, I'm glad to have the experience I got because it makes everything so much better and conducive for growth and progression. Working on myself has never felt better. I'm growing in all my ways shapes and forms and I love

True Love and Light

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