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Vampire Husband

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11 months ago
Topics: Story

Ayesha's shirt is washed. Erav has made the poor woman miserable. Aishi came to Erav. She grabbed the shirt in front of him.

------> Shall I put this wet shirt on now? Don't you know that after washing the shirt you have to let it dry?

Ayeshi reddened her eyes and matched the shirt with a plastic rope. He went to Erav and stood up.

------> Sir, should I go now?

Erav asked with a frown,

------> Where?

------> Why in class !!!

------> Did I tell you to go once?

------> নননননা.

------> Then you are talking about going.

Ayeshi went silent. Can't even say anything.

Arav came and grabbed Aishi and took her to the next room. There are beds. That means a person has everything he needs to live. Ayeshi was surprised to see all this. Arav went and lay down on his back. Ayeshi was even more surprised.

------> Will the bed sleep or not?

------> Take the cream from the table and massage it on my back.

Ayeshi is standing happily.

------> Am I coming from a massage parlor or should I do that massage? I can't.

------> What did you say?

------> I said I can't.

Arav got up and pressed Aishil to the bed. Airav up and down Aishi. Arav is holding Ayeshi's hand tightly. Arav's breath is falling on Ayesha's face. Ayesha's heartbeat has increased. Erav is also going crazy. Erav is gradually moving towards Aishwarya's lips. As soon as she came close to her lips, Ayeshi pushed Arav hard and Arav went downstairs. I remember Aishwarya Raiw's work at that time.

-------> Aren't you ashamed to do this to your student? Even if you forget, if you ever try to come to me, it will be very bad.

Ayeshi left crying. Arav was a little hurt by Ayesha's words. Arav understands why Ayeshi is doing that. But his examination is not over yet.

-----> King, we couldn't do anything to that girl. Erav came. As you know, Erav is much stronger than before. I still had to fight with him. I somehow escaped. I think the girl is Erav's heart. But their ancestor said that Evania would come back again. How will this girl match with him or Erav?

------> Ron have you seen the girl?

------> No, King. Before seeing his face, Erav came.

------> If Ron returns to Avania but we will be destroyed. All our misdeeds will be exposed. You first see if that girl is Evania or someone else.

------> As commanded King.

------> What did he think? When you can pull it close and on the other hand with the other girl will not be all right. If he didn't love me, why did he come so close to me? Why does he feel so close to me? And if he loved me, why did he do that? You didn't say that day I dream about you. Yes I see because I love you. (Shouted)

Ayesha saw someone like her in the mirror. It is her reflection.

-----> Why don't you tell me you love me so much?

-----> Who are you?

-----> I'm your inner love.

-----> He doesn't love me.

Ayeshi started crying.

------> What happens in front of Ayesha's eyes is not always true. The real identity is to find out.

When he disappeared. The last word started ringing in Ayesha's ear.


-----> kev you know vaiya fall in love

-----> Yes I know. And that's a man.

-----> What?

-----> Yes Rosie Bro loves the girl very much.

----> But a vampire never resembles a human. Brother, how could you do that?

------> Look, Rosie doesn't understand love knowingly. It happens suddenly. Like my love and yours. Did we know we would love each other?

------> But the cave is different from ours.

------> Anyway, we will help Brock to get his love.

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Written by   281
11 months ago
Topics: Story
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