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11 months ago
Topics: Story, Writing

One word has been swirling in my head since I hoped for it at home. Why did Adra do that today? I didn't understand anything, I was going to be such a big loss for him that day and I didn't see any frown and on the contrary he surprised me.

I pulled Orna to the bed and stabbed her, there is a touch of moisture in it, shh!

I looked at Orna with annoyance on my nose. If I had a lot of orna, I would throw it away now.

A rude boy. But cannot be discarded. If you throw it away, there will be an orna in it. Where can I get another bath? I took a sigh and took Orna in my hand then started talking to Adrar as I wished.

I went to the bathroom with Orna. Then I soaked it in water.

I will wash it. Shh wiped his sweat with my orna.

In the morning

I'm sitting on the bed. Sari blouse with bows in hand. The saree has a bright red light design with a cream color. Red blouses, red petticoats gave everything. I reluctantly agreed to the terms and conditions but now I don't think I can keep it.

I am looking at the blouse worriedly. I went to wear it a while ago to see if it looks. It's impossible for me to wear it.

Antara and my size is very different. I didn't hear what I said before. He insisted that I have been sitting at home like this from ten o'clock to nine o'clock.

Informs Antara by phone. I picked up the phone but bad luck I don't have balance on my phone. I have already brought the money and finished it before he can be brought from the office.

I am sitting with my hands on my head, how can I tell Antara now?

He will be angry with me. He went home with all his sari and wanted to take it home, but he would decorate it in the parlor and if he came here, it would take more time to come back, so I didn't do it. And he kept telling me to go.

How do I go now?



Antara dressed very nicely today. Sage comes to the varsity around eleven from the parlor. He combed his hair and gave carrot flowers to his head. She is wearing a red georgette sari with big earrings on her ears, a small necklace around her neck, red lipstick on her lips and dark black kajal on her eyes. Antara got down from the car holding the bangle in one hand. Antarake looks no less than an angel today. After paying the rent, I stood at the gate and looked around to see what was beautifully arranged starting from the gate.

Looking around, Halka gets embarrassed as if everyone is looking. Seeing him, everyone looks beautiful. Everyone is very well dressed. Still, he was a little ashamed of how she looked at him.

Disobeying everyone, Antara went inside to find Sneha. He looked around the whole field and once there was no affection. Everyone is chatting like everyone else. Not everyone came wearing sari, all those who came later are first year.


Harassed to find Sneha around, Antara stood to one side. Looking for someone with his eyes, suddenly looking back at someone's voice, a boy is looking at him laughing. He smiled sweetly at the sight and his smile was very beautiful.

Wearing a blue shirt. The color of the skin is green, the glasses in the eyes, the boy is holding out his hand. I'm trying to figure out if I know it. But he doesn't seem to have seen it.

"Hey miss that!"

He regained consciousness after hearing her voice again ...

"Say yes."

"What were you thinking so much about?"

"Who are you?"

"Heart is my name, yours?"

The heart folded its hands. Because Antara didn't shake hands, she knew if she was scanning her heart from head to toe.

"There's nothing to look at ‌ you don't recognize me?"

Listening to the heartbeat, Antara stood still and Brew looked at his wrinkles and asked,

"Who are you?"

"I didn't just say your name. I didn't say your name."

"What do you do with my name? I don't think I've ever seen you before!"

"Are you in first year?"


"But he didn't say such a name."

"I won't say."

"Well said no. I came to tell you something."


Antara asked with small eyes.

"You look so beautiful."

Antara's eyes widened at the sudden words. He looked at his heart with big eyes.

"I mean."

"I didn't understand what I said in Bengali. I said you look very beautiful in a sari. And when you look at your eyes very beautiful, you get dizzy. And ...

Suddenly someone called from behind the heart ...

The boy stopped talking and looked back at me.

"Well let's talk later."

He ran away. Antara stared at the drink.

The boy was shocked to hear the words. The boy came to tell her he looked beautiful. I thought it was a good thing to do something different.

I was not ashamed to listen to the words, then I was shocked, now I feel ashamed. My eyes are beautiful. I really want to see with my own eyes. But see

No, now there is no mirror and no phone. I forgot to call Sneha.

Forgetting the shame, I went back and forth in front of the stage and my leg was hurting. The show has started, Snehaki will not come for a long time and he said he will come, then why he is not coming?

I watch the show and after a while I keep looking for someone around.

Suddenly the eyes of the wet people go and they are looking at me. I want to understand why you are looking at me? Because I didn't understand so I looked ahead. I talked to him a little next to me in our class.

Suddenly I remembered the words of my heart: I wanted to know why I wanted to look, I turned my eyes and searched, I don't know why I wanted to, but I wanted to see a little. I didn't see him and ran away.

Damn, I was wondering why he got out of my mind and focused on the show. I was angry with Sneha and after saying so much, he didn't come.

"Hey ma'am are you looking for someone."

I stood up in shock when I heard that voice.

"Are you scared?"

I'm really scared but that can't be said. I looked at him with an angry look on my face and said ,,,

"Again ... what are you doing here? Why are you behind me?"

"See where I'm standing behind you in front."

The heart is standing in front of the intestines and talking.

Antara is staring at her heart ...

"But you look beautiful even if you are angry."

Anger vanished in an instant and shame turned into intimacy.

Antara was ashamed of the strange words she had said and got upset with herself.

"Why are you doing that? What do you want from me?"

"If I say I want you."



"Your phone can be given a little."

The boy is surprised as if he is looking at the phone as if he wants to call Antara Sneha.

"Why are you looking like this?"

"You see, he turned on me. He went straight to the phone number."

"I mean."

"It's asking for a number to talk on the phone ..."

Antara's eyes went up to his forehead, what else does he say

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Written by   281
11 months ago
Topics: Story, Writing
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