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That's why life requires discipline

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11 months ago

The word Discipline means discipline. Discipline literally means:

# Practice or practice any training.

# To help and guide a person to comply with any pre-determined rules or regulations.

# To punish or take necessary action against a person when he breaks a pre-determined rule.

# Procedures adopted to control a person's behavior; So that he is encouraged to follow the rules voluntarily or spontaneously.

# Obligatory obedience or disciplinary measures to establish any rule or discipline.

The importance of discipline

Discipline is needed in every work of life, in every step. And it is more necessary in student life or education. Because, the first condition of any training program is to follow discipline or rules. Discipline is a systematic way of learning, through which students become accustomed to learning according to a code of conduct or proper rules.

We have a lot of work to do in life and every job has a rule or discipline. But how do we work if we don't know the rules? That is why we need to take the help of some rules and procedures. These disciplines will guide us and help us move forward. And this progress will only be possible when we are able to do our work well and in the right order.

In any workplace or collective activity, everyone has to adhere to a discipline. Is there any organization where there is no discipline, no accountability? What would happen if no one was borrowing, everyone was doing whatever they wanted? Can a team score goals if everyone keeps kicking?

Can a family be happy if everyone continues to do as they please? You can do well in self-formation or career formation only when you manage your life by following discipline or following the rules. If you don't, you will fail. That means your success depends on discipline. Discipline is to follow the rules, nothing more.

So, discipline is needed everywhere. And the most important rule of discipline is obedience. And obedience to orders is unconditional. You can't question why or how. You must show respect for discipline. You must obey the instructions, even if it is wrong.

Whether you play football or cricket, you have to know the rules of the game and follow them properly. If not, what will happen, will you be able to play? When the whistle is blown, you must stop playing. Again maybe the whistle will be given to start the game, you have to start the game. You do not know the meaning of these whistles and if you do not follow properly, or if you commit another foul, you will be warned with a yellow card, or shown a red card and sent off.

No school or college can function in this way if the students do not listen to the teachers. Students must be quiet in the classroom. They must respect the teacher. They can't shout or make noise, or fight. They must be attentive and careful in their studies and come to class on time. And these rules and regulations will help them to do their job well. Discipline does not deprive them of their freedom; It simply controls them and teaches them to behave well, which makes it possible for teachers to carry out the task of teaching well. If students fail to learn good manners, discipline and loyalty in their academic life, is it possible for them to be good citizens of the state?

The state is far away, if there is no discipline, there is no peace even in a small family. Every member of a family must obey the head of the family. He has to keep his word. If not listened to, then the loyalty of the family is lost. As a result, there is no peace. Because, because of discipline, the bond of love and affection between the family members remains intact and then the family becomes a nest of peace. But due to lack of discipline, it turned into a jungle.

The best example of discipline is in the army. Such discipline is not seen anywhere else. There a soldier has to blindly follow the instructions of his superior officer. At the command of the commander, they have to move forward even in the midst of terrible danger. Soldiers can't tell when the commander gives instructions. Their only job is to follow instructions and accept death. A soldier is never like a lawyer. The job of a lawyer is to argue for or against something. But the soldier has to follow the instructions without saying a word, even if that instruction is wrong. If he fails to do so, his country will surely be defeated.

The importance of discipline in student life

Discipline is about controlling oneself or following rules to reach a goal. And the best time to follow these rules or learn self-control is student life. The main purpose of student life is self-formation and success in education. Discipline or self-control skills are essential for achieving these two basic objectives. In particular, since student life refers to an arduous period in which youth shines, during which people are actually a little brighter, unrestrained mischief is a feature of that period; Discipline is of special importance if we want to subdue that radiant youth and immerse ourselves in the pursuit of knowledge and self-formation. Here we will discuss those issues.

1. Concentrate on the study

During the student life, young people have a high level of emotion or agitation in their minds, so they are at risk of becoming restless during this time. In this situation it becomes difficult to concentrate on the study. Therefore, it is important to adhere to discipline in order to concentrate on studies by subduing emotions and disorder. Again, student life is the ideal time to learn discipline and make life beautiful. The work ethic and enthusiasm that is present at this time is not present at other times. Therefore, this is the most suitable time to be in the joy of creation and self-formation.

2. Adhere to schedule

Doing everything on time is one of the main conditions of discipline. And it is most necessary to practice it in student life. If you want to complete all your study programs properly then you have to make it a habit to do all the work on time. If you can't do that then your studies will not be right, you will not be able to do all the work regularly, many things will remain incomplete. Because, if you can't do any of the work on time, it will have an effect on the next programs, you can't do the rest on time and properly, your work will just keep accumulating. Moreover, even if you don't finish wearing it on time, the test will be like time, don't wait for you. So make it a habit to finish work on time, it is essential not only for your student life, but for the rest of your life.

3. Discipline is a prerequisite for success

Those who are disciplined are successful in everything they do. And those who are unruly, they fail in everything. Those who are not focused on their studies, those who cannot complete the work on time, they fall behind in all the work. As a result, they suffer from anxiety and lack of self-confidence, just as others cannot trust them. On the other hand, those who are disciplined can be as self-confident as others.

4. Discipline makes life miserable and beautiful

As I said before, student life is a time of self-formation. Cleanliness is one of the most important aspects of life. Just as it helps to make one's life beautiful, it also makes the environment beautiful. And this sense of cleanliness depends on following the rules or discipline. Those who are disciplined in their student life find their sense of cleanliness wherever they are in their home or dormitory. Your reading table, bedding, clothes, toilet, bathroom are all tidy and clean. On the other hand, those who are unruly keep their own house and environment as dirty as they themselves.

5. Development of honest qualities

Do not wake up at night unnecessarily, go to bed on time, wake up in the morning clean, pray, exercise, exercise, sit in the morning, have breakfast on time, go to school and college, develop good qualities, discipline, time or rules. Not possible without the habit of compliance. And these habits have to be developed in student life.

Personality development

Obeying the rules, being able to do everything on time or keeping promises, a sense of cleanliness এসব these qualities help to develop personality. These qualities are essential not only for student life, but for the whole life. But the most suitable time to nurture and develop these qualities is student life. Those who cannot acquire these qualities in their student life will no longer be able to acquire them in the rest of their lives. Because, habit is an important thing in human life. If you can't develop good habits in your student life, it is no longer possible in your career.

Reduces stress

Discipline reduces stress. For example, if you do your homework / assignments on time without being lazy, then you will have no more tension during classes and exams. Again, if you wake up unnecessarily late in the morning, you may miss classes or reading. But if you follow the rules and go to bed early, you will be able to wake up in the morning and do all the work on time.

Gain good grades / results

If you study according to the rules, take regular classes, do as much as you can for yourself, then your result will definitely be good. And this is one of the main goals of student life. But if you don't finish your studies on time, don't take regular classes, then you will fall behind in your studies and your result will be bad. As a result, your student life will fail.

If you think like this, you will be able to realize the importance of discipline in your student life. The point is, if you want to get something good, you have to pursue it. And this pursuit is discipline.

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Written by   281
11 months ago
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Amazing article.Thanks for it.We really need discipline.

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11 months ago