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Tell Her That I love Her

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11 months ago

Miss! Do you use shampoo on your hair? The smell is beautiful. "

Suddenly I was shocked to hear that and looked to the side. Ryan is standing near the railing a little distance from me. You are smiling and looking at me. Seeing his gaze, I quickly lowered my eyes. I do not understand why he is used so well today? He always insults me with a serious face. Even in the morning. Now so sweet sweet talk? I see a smile on my face. Oops! I do not feel comfortable. As I was planning to leave, he said in a calm voice,

--- "Miss my answer?"

I was silent for a while. His good behavior is highly questionable. So I frowned at him. Trying to understand him. Seeing me staring at him, he raised his right eyebrow and said,

--- "Why don't you look without answering? Do I look more beautiful Miss?"

I am very upset to hear this famous dialogue of his. Although, as always, I am ashamed. I looked back and said,

--- "What do you know?"

--- "The smell is so beautiful. Name?"

--- "Dove!"

He smiled with the rest of his face. Immediately he came forward one step towards me. I widened my eyes and took two more steps. He leaned forward with a crooked smile. He brought mischief in his voice and said,

--- "You're scared of me!"

I was surprised and said,

--- "What do you mean?"

--- "I mean, you're scared of me. Otherwise, why back off?"

I stammered,

--- "I'm not afraid of you. Your mind is wrong!"

He leaned a little closer to me and said,

--- "O Reilly? Then why are you stuttering? You're twisting like a snake again. Are you a snake? A desert snake!"

He jumped on the railing at the last moment. The incident happened so fast that I could not understand anything. I'm just staring in amazement. He smiled crookedly again and said,

--- "Don't look like that, Miss. You look so shameless."

My eyes became big. Me? I feel shameless? Am I rude? What is he if I am shameless? I gritted my teeth in anger and said,

--- "You're shameless! Rude, stony, ruthless, rude!"

He frowned,

--- "Is that so? A point should be made now that he said these things. What do you say? What should I do, Miss?"

My anger seemed to increase. I muttered,

--- "Really a rude, rude."

He may have heard that. However, he did not say anything about it. Just smiled. He said in silence,

--- "Miss sleeping? Go and make coffee for me."

I stared at him. Even in the morning, my coffee tasted bad to him. Why do you want again? I said in a very pushy manner,

--- "My coffee tastes bad. How do you eat my coffee?"

He closed his eyes and took a deep breath.

--- "I like tasty things more."

I didn't even listen to him. I stood in the same way. Uni also remained silent for a while. Immediately he said in a serious voice,

--- "Just do what I'm saying Miss! Ginger Wise I Will It You!"

Another time my eyes got bigger. What is he saying? Will you eat me? How? Do people eat people? I looked at him thinking. He is looking at her with angry eyes. As if he would finish me with his eyes. I am also less. I told him to falsify his words,

--- "How do people eat people, brother Ryan?"

He was not angry. Rather, he said in a calm voice,

--- "The way a man can be beaten by another man and thrown into a river! But in my case it will be different. I will just push another man off the roof."

I swallowed a dry sip in my mind. This is a big deadly boy. What if it really throws off the roof? Can also give. There is no faith in him. I swallowed a dry sip in my mind. Without further ado, I went to make coffee!

After making coffee, I came to the roof and stood right behind him. As soon as I left the coffee mug beside him, his heavy voice,

--- "Don't you dare! Don't even think about leaving the roof. Stand by my side. Join me."

The thought of being thrown from the roof was still in my head. So I stood by him without further ado. Uni is not saying anything, I am not saying anything.

This is the moment before the sun sets. He is looking at the setting sun with one mind. After a while, sipping a mug of coffee. I'm looking at him. The rays of the sun are falling directly on his face. His whole face is shining. The right eyebrow is raised a lot, the eyes are kept small, the sesame in the corner of the eye is also clear! He also has a crooked smile on his lips. All in all a great moment!


At night, everyone is sitting on the sofa and chatting. Bound, Dighi, Sabuj Bhaiya and Ryan are also there. Ryan is not with us, he is chatting with his phone. He has been doing what he has been doing on the phone ever since. Do you notice what is happening around? One bound! There is more to the annoyance than the bottom. Dighi is staring at Dighi repeatedly with her elbow. Meanwhile, Mejo's uncle suddenly said,

--- "Since we've been together for so long, I've been thinking of going somewhere together. And that's it tomorrow! Does anyone disagree here?"

Everyone was overjoyed. This means no one has any objection. Brother Yasin, if you can, dance. My uncle whispered in my ear right after I said that,

--- "I understand, Meeru, let's go around and see if any beautiful girl passes somewhere. I used to do a little setting. Tell Meherun too. You will help me. This time I will kill a girl, I understand!"

I turned my face away and said,

--- "Not in life!"

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Written by   281
11 months ago
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