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Emotion felt a sharp pain in the head. He sat down on the floor and grabbed the part of his head with both hands. In a moment his hands started to get wet. Emotions try to breathe loudly. Tears began to flow with his eyes. When he saw Rodela coming towards him with dim eyes, he closed his eyes.

Meanwhile, Rodela heard the noise and when she came out, she became speechless when she saw her emotions lying on the floor. He becomes disoriented. Rodella's eyes were still on the emotion, so she did not see Rishad!

Rodela came running and hugged the emotion and cried, what happened to you?

Then Rodella's chest swelled as soon as she saw the emotion.

He cried louder and said, God! Oh God! Why is blood coming out of your head?

Emotion blinks and opens. He saw Rodela. As soon as he saw Rodela, his pain seemed to ease a little. Rodela pressed her veil on her emotional head and cried and said, what happened to you? And how did you get hit so hard?

Emotion said with great difficulty, where is the father?

- I'm not at home, he went out with his mother and Ivana just went out to the sea. (Upset)

Rishad heard these words from behind. He smiled devilishly. There is no one at home. Only three of them! And the state of emotion is najehala! The rest is Rodela. Rodela will fly if he gives a fu.

He smiled and started moving towards Rodella. Today is the time! He will take away his wife in front of the eyes of emotion

Rodela's head of emotion was pressed very hard with a veil, so the bleeding was reduced to some extent

Rishad stood behind Rodella and pulled her hatch. This put some pressure on Rodella's stomach and she screamed in pain.

Rishad turned Rodela towards him and gritted his teeth and said, Kiri? I am in love with the new Bhatar and I have no affection. I say, give me a little caress, girlfriend! Rishad started laughing after finishing his speech.

Rodela 6 was shocked to see Rishad He said in a frightened voice, you are the one who hit the head of emotion, right?

--Yes you know.

Saying this, Rishad began to come closer to Rodella. Rodela hurriedly pushed Rishad.

As a result, Rishad moved away for a while, but he grabbed Rodela's hands and pulled her again. As a result, Rodela cried out in pain again and turned around and looked at the emotion.

Seeing the emotion, his chest heaved. Emotion is trying to get his hands on his head but can't. There is blood on the floor. Seeing the emotional distress, Rodella's chest began to twitch. He tried to break the shackles of Rishad but could not. Rishad is holding his hands very tightly. He can't get along with Rishad. Rodela cried and begged Rishad to let her go. I will go to the emotion He turned his head saying he was in pain.

Emotion is looking at him helplessly. Rodela is going to Kedai at once. His chest is very irritated. For a long time he could not see the emotion in pain. She can't stand the emotional pain. But today, in spite of not wanting in front of the eyes, he is looking at the emotion with a sigh.

When Rodela rushed to get emotional again, Rishad slapped Rodela on the cheek.

Rodela put her hand on her cheek. There are many pairs on his cheek. It looks like a sack that encloses with a drawstring.

Seeing Rodela slapping, the emotion got more angry. He could not bear the torture of Rodella. He got up with great difficulty and went in front of Rishad and grabbed Rodela's hand and said to Rodela, go to the room and call Megh.

When Rodela wanted to go into the room as per her emotions, Rishad grabbed Rodela again and shouted at Rodela, saying, "Don't call anyone." Today I will put your husband alive

Rodela got scared. What if Rishad does something emotional ?.

Emotion took Rishad's hand away from Rodella's arm again. And Rodela tells him to call.

Rodela knows that nothing will be better if she stays here. It would be better if she could call Megh Bhaiya in time.

Rodela ran to her room.

Meanwhile, when Rishad tried to stop Rodela, his emotions stopped him.

The two started fighting again. This time he can't get along with Rishad. Still trying to stop him.

Rodela entered the room and started looking for the phone. But I can't find the phone. He can't remember where he put the phone After much searching, I got a call from under the pillow. He quickly calls the cloud 6 Once the cloud is caught in the ring.

Clouds from the side said, what happened to Rodela? Is everything OK?

Rodela cried and cried, brother! Emotions!

- What happened to the emotions?

--Rishad comes home and beats the emotions. There is no one at home Please come.

Rodella heard the roar of emotion from outside to say this. As soon as he ran out of the room, he saw Rishad punching and kicking him in the abdomen.

Rodella's head shook at the sight. Surprised, he saw the emotion beating like this. She started crying loudly and went to the emotion with a shout

Rishad stopped this time. He is tired of understanding Rodela looked at Rishad. There is no way to understand that he is a human being. Anyone who sees Rishad in this situation can mistakenly think he is an animal

Emotions are beating in the stomach with the hand. Rodela is holding him with all her might and crying.

Rishad saw it and smiled and said, Wow! What a love!

Then he scolded Rodela again and said, "How many times have I told you not to have a baby." Kill me Why didn't you hear me?

Rishad's face hardened in an instant. Emotion doesn't understand Rishad's words. So he frowned.

Rishad comes to Rodela and says, aren't you very smart? The teeth are all the same today

I'll get the brains out. My dream of becoming an MP has been shattered for this baby that came out of your womb. I will finish you today! Once I kicked you in the stomach, I didn't die. I will hit again today. I will kill you today. If you die, your child will die too.

Saying this, Rishad went to Rodela and pulled her from the front of his emotions and brought her in front of him and kicked her in the stomach again.

Rodela closed her eyes. He understands that he will not be released today. Rishad will kill him today! Rodela closed her eyes and began to wait to endure the pain of death But nothing happened after five minutes. She closed her eyes and realized that someone's shadow was falling on her face. Someone is standing in front of him.

As soon as Rodela opened her eyes, emotion stood in front of her and stopped Rishad.

Emotion punched Rishad along the nose. He himself does not understand where so much energy came from in a hurry?

Rodela cried again.

Rishad is constantly beating emotions. Rishad and no less emotion he is killing ৷ In a word, no one is giving concessions to anyone.

Rishad took the vase again. Seeing that, Rodela screamed and the emotion became alert. And the fighting between the two continues. At one stage, by mistake or accident, the eye part of the vase went to Rishad's head.

Seeing that, the emotions go awry for a while. Just then the cloud entered the house.

Seeing the emotion in a state of devastation, the clouds became agitated and rushed to the emotion. Dos! How did I get so much pain? Are you alright

Emotion is shortened to say hu.

Rodela cried and said, he is not right brother. He was rushed to the hospital. She likes it a lot (while crying)

This time Abeg turned his eyes away from Rishad and went to Rodella and said softly, "Are you all right?"

Rodela cried again.

Emotion puts his hand on hers and says, "You're right."

Rodela looks at the emotion. Blood is still dripping from the head of emotion. Cheeks and noses are rolling down his forehead. Rodela was startled.

Rodella's chest began to twitch. She quickly brings the first aid box.

Abeg did not allow Rodela to do anything, took the box himself, went to Rishad, knelt down and put a bandage on the place where Rishad was in pain. Since the emotion is MBBS doctor so the chances of doing these things better than him is very low for someone else. Emotion sees patients at home from time to time so there is quite a lot in the box.

He dresses Rishad and tells Megh to get Rishad out of the house.

The clouds are mad with emotion Where the emotion is beating Rishad more than bandaging him. Strange!

Without saying anything, he grabbed Rishad's collar and dragged him out of the house.

As soon as the cloud came out, the emotion grabbed Rodella's hand and brought her into the room and handed her a pain killer and told her to eat it. Then there will be no more pain.

Rodela took medicine while crying.

- Stop crying, Rodela.

Rodela mud increased the speed even more.

He jumps up and catches the emotion. The emotion was a little pain in the abdomen, but remained silent.

Rodella's warmth is coming and she is feeling emotional. Something in the emotion began to change. It seemed to know how. This change is just a change of mind!

All the physical pain seems to be relieved! Just as the pain is relieved by taking medicine. So is Rodela medicine for him ???

The sound of Rodella's cries brought an end to emotional thoughts. He removed Rodela from his chest and said in a light voice, "Don't tell anyone in the house about this." How?

Rodela shook her head. And in a soft voice asks the emotion, are you feeling too much pain?

Emotion smiles lightly and says, hey no! It doesn't hurt at all.

Rodella suffered twice as much as she did when she heard this. Tears were falling from his eyes.

After a while the clouds came. Two minutes after the cloud came, the emotional mother and father entered the house

As the emotions were all sitting in the drawing room, as soon as she entered the house, Jabeda Khatun saw the emotions and immediately her eyes went to the forehead of the emotions. Seeing the bandage, he was shocked and went to the boy and said, what happened to you? How did Dad get in pain?

The atmosphere of the room is thumping. No one is talking. Rodela is looking at the cloud of emotion.

Jabeda Khatun said more, someone say something? What happened to my son?

--Mom, I got a headache when I hit the bathroom door.

Jabeda Khatun says, but how father?

- I don't know I do not understand. The pressure was a little low so that's what happened.

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Written by   281
11 months ago
Topics: Story
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Your starting to make stories now 😁 keep it up

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