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Prevent Waste

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11 months ago
Topics: Life

The boy came to see me. But the mother did not give me anything to eat. According to her, the first thing I was allowed to eat was a waste. I answered. Suddenly the boy said to my mother, "Aunty, can I have a glass of water?"

My mother said, "No, let's get married now. I don't want to waste water with water before that."

After hearing his mother's words, the boy's family looked at him with a smile. Then the boy said nothing more. After a while, the boy's father said, "Which way is your washroom?"

Mom said, "Not now. I'll talk about marriage later. If I say it now, the water in my tank will be wasted."

Ashamed of his mother's words, the boy's father did not say anything.

"No, let the marriage be settled first, then I will leave. If I leave now, my electricity will be wasted."

So far, the boy's mother has not said anything. As soon as he asked me to leave, he said, "Where is he going? The girl saw that he would not pay."

This time the boy's mother said "We didn't like your daughter. So why waste money?"

After saying this, the woman left. And my mother sat on the sofa and said, "You see, that's why I didn't give anything.

Saying this, Ammu went in the manner of victory to tell the story of stopping her wastage to Bhabi of the house next door.

Prevent waste.

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