Love Cannot Be Forgotten

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I turned on the lights and saw someone sitting like a ghost. Suddenly I was scared to see this. Someone came to see me scared.

It was not clear who was behind all this. I'm not here for this girl. Always fall behind me.

I am very annoyed by his activities. I don't hear anything. I always tell her, I will marry you very soon.

Hiya and Oishi are the same age. Everyone in the family loves him and Hiya very much. They are both the youngest in the family so everyone loves them a lot and that's why they do Faizlami more.

He hugged me and said, how are you brother? After a long time. You have forgotten us.

Robi: I was fine but not anymore. And if I forgot, I would come here again. Won't you reduce Faizlamita a little? You know how scared I was.

Oishee: Haha, I did it for fear. If you were not afraid, all my troubles would be in vain.

Robi: Shut up. Where do you learn so much Faizalami? And after a few days of marriage will be at least a little polite now.

Oishee: I will not get married

Robi: Why not?

Oishi: I will not do that. If I get married, I will not be able to do all these mischiefs.

Robi: Haha can be seen. Now that I will be fresh.

Oishee: Well. Come eat early.

After a while I came to the dining table fresh. After eating, everyone was sitting, then Mama jiggled,

Mama: Apa, Dulabhai, Hiya, how are you all?

Robi: Everyone is good except me.

Mama: What happened to you again?

Robi: Haha, you know everything, then why are you jiggling again?

Mama: Now leave it at that. Say something else.

I came to the room after chatting for a long time. In fact, everyone in my family knows about Rihi. A very good relationship with everyone in the family, after 5/6 months, everyone is together.

I woke up in the morning and freshened up and then we all had breakfast together. I went to the roof after breakfast. Suddenly Oishee said,

Oishi: What will you do alone at home, brother?

Robi: What else can I do? I'll be out in a while.

Oishee: Come to college with me, you will like it. And my friends will be very happy to see

Robi: How do your friends know me?

Oishee: Haha I said. I have said a lot about you. So now they are crazy to see you. And I also talked about Rihi Apur.

Robi: Haha, there is no need to stay.

Oishee: You just said let's go.

Oishee forcibly brought him to college. Introduced to his friends.

Aishwarya's friends told me,

--- I have been hearing your words from Aishwarya for so long and today I also saw her

--- We have to see what else to do. Where I thought he would be single, he is sitting as a slave.

Ravi: Haha, it is better to have Devdas.

--- What would I do if I got that girl

Robi: Haha, what are you doing?

--- I used to jiggle why your love is not understood. The girl is lucky that you love her so much

Oishee: Brother, there is an important class. You stay on campus. We have been doing the class.

Robi: All right.

Oishee went to class and I was walking alone on campus. Looking around. It's been a long time. Suddenly a boy came and said

--- Why are you talking so much with that goddess? Who is yours?

Robi: I'm not saying anything. I understand what is happening. Rihi remembered. If a stranger talked to him, I would do the same

---- Why aren't you saying something?

--- Dude, it doesn't work that way

The boy grabbed my collar. Suddenly Oishee came and slapped the boy and said,

Oishee: It's kind of rude. My brother is.

The boy was surprised to hear this. Told me

--- Sorry brother I didn't understand. Please forgive me.

Oishee: You won't say another word. Come on brother.

Oishee forcibly brought me from there without telling me anything.

Coming home. I am driving and Oishee is sitting next to me.

Robi: Haha, it's good. You can get married very soon

Oishi: Tell me, brother, I don't understand anything.

Robi: Haha, don't understand me now.

Shakib: You said it was sorry?

Mim: No. He was not at home.

Shakib: I won't be at home now. If everyone knows about his drama then what will happen is why he left.

Direction: Do not say the opposite. It was not a drama.

Shakib: Haha, I see you have become a fan of Robi

Maria: If someone else did that, I would be a fan of him too.

Shakib: I will understand the day I know everything.

Mim: That day will never come because it was not a drama

Robi: How long is your relationship?

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