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ILLNESS Of The Minister

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11 months ago

The health minister of a South Asian country (not India) has been suffering from chest pain for several days. He can't do office properly. Sitting in the office, he made a croaking noise! No one knew if anyone could squeak in chest pain. But the word is not always, sometimes it is.

He called his personal doctor. He came and started doing various tests, but could not find any disease.

A board meeting has been convened by all the major doctors of the country. How can the sound of the Minister of Health be stopped!

The board chief told the health minister, "Sir, you should go abroad immediately." Feeling your heart is broken!

The health minister got angry and said, what are you saying? The medical services of our country are of international standard. Pirojpur is nothing to us. Why should I go abroad?

The health secretary whispered in the minister's ear, "Sir, it will not be Pirojpur, it will be Singapore." Pirojpur is the name of a district in Bangladesh!

Be it Pirojpur or Singapore, I will not seek treatment abroad. If I die, I will die on the soil of the country. What should I do?

The health secretary said, "Sir, a chest x-ray is needed." But most of the X-ray machines in our hospitals are broken!

Why is the X-ray machine empty? What do you do?

Sir, the machines we actually bought called Made in China are Made in Jinjira. There is no such thing in the sky and on the ground, which is not found in the fake ginjira of Bangladesh!

The health minister said in a threatening tone, "Anyway, fix the X-ray machine." If necessary, bring parts from the bleaching canal of Bangladesh. Arranges for immediate X-ray.

All the doctors started running with X-rays of the minister. All medical services in the country remained closed for a week.

A week later, the board met again. Health Minister said, what is the news? Is the X-ray machine okay?

We have sought guidance from the Prime Minister in this regard. The file is being moved, sir. The solution will come in a month.

The health minister got angry and said, will the machine be solved in a month? Do I think I will live until then?

The head of the board meeting said, we have nothing to do, sir. This is the system of this country. We are reciting Doa Durud Sir, you also read. If you have a Pir Fakir you know, you can bring water and eat it!

A month later, the board met again. The head of the board meeting said there was a problem, sir.

The minister was surprised and said, why? What happened?

Not much, sir. A lizard was found in your X-ray report. The lizard is running in your chest, the lizard is making a tickling sound, that sound comes out through your throat. This lizard is eating your heart. You will recover as soon as you kill the lizard. The problem is, we don't know how to kill this lizard. We think that it will work only if a Pir Fakir reads the water. Our medical science does not know the treatment of this disease, sir. The disease is brand new! The people of the world have never heard of such a complex disease before.

Hearing the lizard's words, the minister fell unconscious. After watering his eyes for a while, he regained consciousness. He said anxiously, I have no hope of survival?

The treatment of this lizard disease has not come out yet, sir. But don't worry, scientists will find a cure one day, but I don't know if you'll survive!

The health minister shouted helplessly, "Our medical services are of international standard." Somehow he came up with an idea. Otherwise, everyone's job is not!

One doctor said in a frown, "There is a cure, sir. If you apply it, the lizard will surely die!"

The minister jumped up from his chair and said, "Get medical treatment now." He wrote a feature on this medical procedure and sent it to an international journal. May the world benefit. What is the method?

Nothing sir, you have to eat poison. I'm sure the lizard will die if it plays poison, but I do not know if you will survive!

The minister sat down in the chair again. He muttered for a while. "Even though our medical services are of international standard, the poison of our country is not of international standard," he said. Most of the poisons on the market are counterfeit. I can't die!

In that case the permission of the Prime Minister will be required, sir. Since you are in the cabinet, you should not eat poison without the approval of the Prime Minister.

The minister said, "That's right. I have been in the potato business all my life. I have less experience in eating poison." I have never eaten poison before. Have you eaten

Everyone admitted that no one had experienced poisoning before. But experience was needed!

A week later, the cabinet met. The Prime Minister has been informed about the Health Minister. The Prime Minister said Devi Sethi of India is the best heart specialist in the subcontinent. Consult him once before taking poison.

Devi Sethi was flown to that country by a special plane. Devi Sethi came and looked at all the papers of the health minister, took a short breath after seeing the X-ray report. Then he looked at the Minister of Health and said, Hon'ble Minister, nothing really happened to you. Your chest pain is gastric pain. After taking gastric medicine for a few days, it will be fine. And, the lizard is not running on your chest, it was running on the X-ray machine while doing the X-ray!

The health minister called his country's doctors and said, "I am not a potato trader." You?

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Written by   281
11 months ago
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