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"Listen, I have a boyfriend. I can't marry you."

__ 'Then I'm breaking up the marriage.'

As soon as the voice seemed familiar, I looked at my one and only crush. That's why I broke off the relationship at twenty-six o'clock. My aspiring man has come up with a marriage proposal with me! I can't believe it.

I am looking at him with wide eyes. Today my mother forcibly took him in front of the pot. I did not see anyone's face including the pot in anger. He gritted his teeth and sent me and the pot to the roof to talk separately to answer all their questions.

I didn't see the boy's face after coming to the roof. After hearing his voice, I saw that it was my crush. By that time my crush was up. I pulled my hand from behind a few feet ahead. He looked at my hand in surprise. I let go of my hand a little unprepared. I told myself normally,

__ 'I agree Mr. Dhaincha. A little m. Tajbir Ajmain Tiham. '

Tiham frowned,

__ 'What? What do you mean? '

__ 'This is what I mean by agreeing to this marriage. Do you like me?'

__ 'I have known you for a long time. I was often seen on the street. I came home with an offer because I liked it.'

I said happily,

__ 'I don't believe in Allah. Let's go downstairs and tell everyone that we both like each other very much.'

__ 'Wait! You just said you have a boyfriend. Sudden change? Nah, I can't marry you. You're not a human being. Come on! '

As soon as he left, I pulled his shirt. He was annoyed and asked,

__ 'Are you mad? Why are you pulling the shirt? It will tear.'

__ 'Let's tear up. I will buy one hundred instead of one. Please don't break the marriage. I don't have a boyfriend or girlfriend. I lied. I love you. '

__ 'My God! What a terrible girl Ray Dad! Have you fallen in love with me in a few minutes? Hey, I'm telling you to leave me. I won't marry you even if the world turns upside down. Leave!'

__ 'Don't leave. Look, if you don't agree to get married, I'll go downstairs and say I'm going to be the mother of your child.'

Tiham fell back a little. He said in a trembling voice,

__ 'What did you say? Are you going to be the mother of my child? I did not touch you. I just held your hand a little. You held it before. I tried to leave. No, I will go. I will go crazy. Leave me!'

Before he left, I pulled his shirt tightly in both hands again.

__ 'I will not leave, I will not leave. Tell me whether you will get married or not. I really love you. I saw you on the bike on the way to varsity for the first time. I saw it on the first day. You are my forever crash. Of course not. I broke my brain. What would you say to me if you don't marry me now? I love you. '

I started crying. It seems to work. Tiham was a little worried and hurriedly said,

__ 'Hey, don't cry at all. Stop crying! Is what you're saying true? Your mother has already told me to lie like the truth. Don't believe me.'

Oh God! My mother didn't lie. But she doesn't know anymore. I lied so much for her son-in-law. I stopped crying and said quickly,

__ 'What I am saying is true! Of course it is true. Three truths! In fact, my mother said all these things. I used to lie a little to break up the marriage. What else! Writing. Every part of my brain's hypothalamus, pituitary gland ........... '

__ 'Hey stop Diana. I understand. I don't have to say any more. But be careful, don't look at any other boy from today onwards. Now take off your shirt.'

I left my shirt and looked down at the face mixed with shame. Suddenly I looked up and said,

__ 'You know, tonight I dreamed I was crossing the river on foot. But the strange thing is stay away from drowning, the feet are not wet. Isn't it weird?'

Tiham laughed and said,

__ 'Who's weird. You have gone to the level of a great man. Now without doing strange things like Himu, I will only become a great man by marrying you! Let's go down now. '

I happily took Tiham's hand and walked around the roof a few times. Ish! What a happy feeling !!

* Finished *

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