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Corona Virus - Latest Updates

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The number of corona victims in the world has dropped to 5 crore

The number of people infected with coronavirus worldwide has exceeded 50 million. The death toll has exceeded 12 lakh 55 thousand.

According to the Johns Hopkins University Center for Systems Science and Engineering (CSSE), the number of people infected with coronavirus (Covid-19) worldwide rose to 5,318,046 by 8:30 a.m. Monday. Of these, 12 lakh 55 thousand 250 people have died. And so far 3 crore 29 lakh 71 thousand 528 people have recovered.

The United States has the highest number of coronavirus deaths in the world. As of Monday morning, the number of victims in the country was 99 lakh 71 thousand 320 people. And 2 lakh 36 thousand 57 people have died in this epidemic in the country.

Brazil is the second most affected country in the Corona after the United States. Although it is in the third place in terms of attacks, the country is in the second place in terms of death. In this Latin American country, 57 lakh 64 thousand 115 people have been infected so far and 1 lakh 82 thousand 398 people have died.

India, which is in the second place in terms of attacks, is in the third place considering death. So far, the number of infected people in the country is 65 lakh 7 thousand 754 people. And 1 lakh 26 thousand 121 people have died.

Neighboring Mexico is in fourth place in terms of deaths, but the country ranks 10th in terms of casualties. As of Monday morning, 9,81,938 people had been infected and 94,608 had died in Mexico.

The United Kingdom is the fifth deadliest country in Europe, but the eighth most affected country. So far, the number of infected people in the country is 11 lakh 95 thousand 350 people and 49 thousand 134 people have died.

The deadly coronavirus has spread to 190 countries worldwide since the outbreak began in December last year in China. On March 11, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared the coronavirus crisis an epidemic.

According to the Bangladesh Department of Health, coronavirus infection was detected in 1,484 people in the country in the last 24 hours till 6 am on Sunday and 18 more people died. In all, 4 lakh 20 thousand 238 people have been diagnosed with coronavirus in the country till 8 am on Sunday. A total of 6,006 people have died. And 3 lakh 36 thousand 145 people have become healthy.

Corona News USA

A third wave of coronavirus infections is spreading across the United States. The country is still at the top in terms of attacks and deaths.

The number of corona cases in the United States on Sunday exceeded one million. So far 2 lakh 37 thousand people have died.

According to Reuters, more than one million people in the United States have been infected with corona in the last 10 days.

The first case of coronavirus was reported 293 days ago in the US state of Washington.

Last Saturday, 1,31,420 people were infected in the United States, the highest in a single day. In the last seven days, more than one lakh patients have been identified in five days.

On a seven-day average, the number of patients diagnosed in the United States every day stands at 1.56 million, up 29 percent from the previous week.

On a daily basis, the United States now accounts for one in 11 deaths from coronavirus worldwide. The number of daily deaths has been in the thousands for the past five days.

25 more deaths in the country in Corona, 173 new cases, Bangladesh

In the last 24 hours, 25 more people have died in Corona. And 1,063 new patients have been identified.

The latest information on the coronavirus infection situation in the country was given in a bulletin by the Department of Health on Monday afternoon.

In the last 24 hours, the number of infected people in the country has increased to 4 lakh 21 thousand 921 people with 1 thousand 83 newly identified people. The death toll has risen to 8,092 with another 25 deaths.

In the last one day, 1,623 more patients have recovered from their homes and hospitals. With this, the total number of healthy patients has increased to 3 lakh 39 thousand 7 people.

The first case of coronavirus was detected in the country on March 8. The first news of his death came on March 17, 10 days later.

Outbreaks of coronavirus began in China in December last year. It is currently spread across 213 countries and regions around the world. On March 11, the World Health Organization declared Kovid 19 a global epidemic.

No entry into court without mask,Bangladesh

Staff Reporter The Supreme Court administration has issued a notice banning entry to all lower (lower) courts of the country without a mask to ensure compliance with hygiene rules to deal with a possible second round of corona infections. The order was issued on Wednesday in a circular signed by the Registrar General of the Supreme Court Md Ali Akbar.

"Kovid-19 infection is expected to increase in the country in the coming winter season," the statement said. In order to deal with the possible second wave of Kovid-19 infection, it is necessary to ensure the observance of hygiene in the lower courts, including the wearing of masks. The notice further said that in the subordinate courts, messages like 'No entry without wearing a mask / Ghar Gadhangsh, Ghar Uhthutu', 'Wear a mask, take a service / Dabhadhat Gadhangsh, etc.' All Judicial Officers, Lawyers, Court Officers / Employees including the service recipients are required to wear full-time masks and all concerned to take necessary steps to ensure compliance with the guidelines on protective measures promulgated in the notification issued by the High Court Division on July 30.

Earlier, the cabinet had instructed all government and non-government organizations not to enter the country without masks and not to provide services.

Queen Elizabeth in public for the first time since the mask

British Queen Elizabeth II appeared in public for the first time after wearing a mask in the Corona epidemic. He joined a mourning ceremony in London earlier this week after wearing a black mask.

British warriors who lost their lives in World War I will be officially honored on November 11.

The 94-year-old Queen paid her respects to an unnamed warrior buried at Westminster Abbey on Wednesday.

The body of that soldier was brought to Britain from France 100 years ago. His body was later buried at Westminster Abbey. Queen Elizabeth II's mother paid homage to the tomb with flowers in her hand at her wedding.

Later it became a tradition. After that, all those who got married including Diana of the royal family were honored with bouquets of flowers in their hands.

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