The Billionaire's Possession(Chapter 1,2)

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Chapter 1

It's nearly but Light of the cabin in the Right corner of the 8th floor is still bright.A smile sound of Argument can be Heard from the Lobby of Office.

"no no..I need work to be completed till the Lunch hour tomorrow.I dont want hear any excuses.If you have to stay up all the night for research then do it.Tomorrows deal is the most important onee for me.Now go"

Conversation ended.Two gentle man wearing suite and tie left the room at once.They were looking tensed and horrified.

ItS the famous knight company.The owner is Mr.JK knight.Tomorrow's deal is the most important because they are going to complete with thier rival's company Mure.

The Deal was open for a very short time that's why MR.knight Selected the two most efficient team of his company.But at 11th Hour MR.Knight was informed from secret source that some major changes had been done by some influencing parties. so the Last minute change were need to be done by tomorrow.

"its possible to do it.we are Only
Given 3 days for preparation and
Now this last minute change.God!Its
So stressfull .Boss is never
Satisfied "onr of the gentlemen
Said in Frustration.

Two gentlemen were Standing iN the parking area of the building .They had called their team for the Last minute Changes.The team was asked tiarrive with in 30 minutes.

We got only 12 Hour's for It.this time boss seems to be furious.if we miss the deal we are going lost our jobs"the second one said.

On the 8th Floor a Knock on the boss's cabin.

"Knock knock"

"Yes Come in"a middle aged women wearing a shirt and Skirt entered the room.

"your Coffee, sir

Sir,5 inters are going to join for 3 months internship from need to sign these paper for approval."

"Any thing else."

"No sir.Thank you."

"stella,any call from the lawyer!"

"no sir,.should i call to ask about the Matter?

" May go"

Stella is working here for 15 years .She loves MR .knight as het own son.she was there in the company when a 18 years old boy struggled very hard to make it a fastest growing company in the Country.

his Effort and intelligence of making right decisio at the right time made him a highly successful businessman.He worked for the company for 10 years without any Day off.He worked like a machine For a day and night.Even he choosed his employeed according to thier defection towards the work and the company.

No one in Knight conpany dares to break the rules as he spears none and bo excuses is enough for his Mercy.

For last 5 years he got this prefferd deals by hook or by Crook.

For tomorrows contract he has to give a tough fight to crack it because his rival company is very influebtial and had A good political background.

Chapter 2

Early in the morning sun rays enters the beatidully decorated rooms in a small cottage named Rose valley near a beautiful is guest house for tourists.Mrs jones manages everything single handedly.45 years old Mrs.jones is a widow and has two children,22 years old EMMEy and the 13 years old EMMETT.

Financial conditions of the Family is not that bad they runs 'Rose Valley' and a bakery.They are perfectly happy in their lives.

Emmey completed her Graduation and planned to move to a different city for her career and to support her Family. as she scored quite good in all of the semesters and easily got a placement in tge Famous knight company.

Today is her Last day In Rose Valley,

"wake up sweet heart I got a present for you."a lovely kind voice called Emmey as she was sleeping late in the morning.

"Mamma please let me sleep for 5 minutes is my last Day in the paradise."

"ok .no problem Hey Emmett,come here.your sister is not ready to wake up so you can have's a choco Lava cake."mrs jones said the last words quite loudly so that Emmey could Hear it.

"it seems Yummy"emmett said from a Joyful voice.

With a minute the cake was snatched from emmett and went into Emmey's mouth.

"em emm.Delicious !!you will never ever get my Choco Lava cake.So stop dreaming about it.Ha ha ha ha ha!!! Emmey teased her brother and he started crying.

Mrs .Jones started to Laugh seeing their innosence fight.

"Emmett ,stop crying.I have more cakes for you Come with me .Emmey,breakfast is rwady .Come quickly."mrs.jones took Emmett in her arms abd left the corridor.

Emmey entered the room and as soon as she turned on her phone a massage arrived.

*5:30 at the new beach club.todays dress code is black.Dont be Late .Bye"

"oh my ..again..this party monster will kill me one day.I have not done my parking yet.So much work to do."uuuuhhhhhh.'Emmey thought.She was little nervous about her upcoming life.she had never been alone .How would she manage everything .All this questions werr continously running in her mind.

"On the BreakFast Table,"

Emmey entered the dining Area and Put two pancakes and some fruits on her and Started to eat quitely.

"i have packed your Bags.dont forget to check your ticket"Mrs.Jones said while making More pancakes.

"I am not sure whether i will be able to manage everything or not .I am scared Mom"Emmeys eyes were full of tears.

"i know.When i moved in this place with teo of you i also doubted my abilities to manage and maintain the properly.I Doubted myself whether i will be able to be a good nother or not.But i never lost hope .I tried and Tried very hard .So moral of the story is you can be afraid but never stop trying ."Being a good Mother she knows that she had to let go of her children for the bigger world,for the bigger dream.

Emmey hugged her mother and asjef for her permission to go to the Club.The whole day was very busy as a nunber of guests were staying there Emmey hekped hwr mother for the managenent of the cottage.

In the evening she got ready with het black backless dress and a pair of gorgeous heels.her pale white skin and her perfectly sey brown hair were complimented by her dress.

"ohhhhh!!look at look so beautiful."Sinna said (childhood friend of emmey)."you look sexy sweatheart.Lets go what are we waiting for????"

Sinna lowered her eyes anfmd said "liem will join us.He asked me out and i told him about todays plan and he self invited".

"stop.liam the guy from the music band in our college??you guys are dating!?for how long?why i dont know about this till now???do you forget that we r best buddies???"emmey made her face at sinna.

"no,no listen to me.we are not dating .We are just friends.I think he likes me.He asked me out for several times But made some excused .But this time......"

Sinna Jumped out of her Skin with the sudden presence."lian ,meet my buddy Emmey .

emmey,he is liam.hevis the main vocalist in our college baNd.sinna introduced us and entered the club.

Emmey's P.O V,

It is the most happening club in our locality.we had spent our most memorabke party.We are provided beautiful masks at the entrance.

We acquire a corner tabke and order for sone snacks and drinks.the dance Floors is hell crowded As it us a tourist season ,tourist as well as locaks are celebrating their weekend .All as locals are wearing masks.

After sometimes liam asked sinna for dance and they went straight to the center of the club.

Oh this party is so boring .people are continously drinking ,flirting and dancing here and there disgusting!!

"hey beautiful !would you like to sance with me"a well dressed man about 6 ft tall stretched his hand out aSking for my hand.

"no,no i am sorry i cabt dance"

"i know that you cant dance but syill come with me to the dance floor for once .Please"the man asked me with a confident tone.

As i was thinking about his desperate behaviour he suddenly removed his mask and said "still you will come with me"

"john !!!its you!!i just cant believe my eyes "i jumped out of joy and hugged him.

"now come o .we are going to celebrate this evening to the fullest.Lets go."

John is my cousin brother,5 years older than me he is a photographer .He used to travel a lot for his occupation.

"aunt told me that you are moving out tomorrow so i came here to meet Lets go to the Beach."

I bided Liam and Sinna goodbye and left the club and went to the beach its been years since we had spent time Together.

"emme,i have apartment in the city you are moving to so youbcan live there as long as you want"

"No bro,i will manage .I got a cool place near My Office in a cheap rate."

"Emme,dont argue .you will be leaving in my place .Its not tjat far from your offices .I am going with you and i will set up everything for you."

I Couldnot argue with him for long .So i agreed to stay in his place. tomorrow i will take the first step towards my dream!!!!!


Yey Im Done After 2 hours waaaahhh

Thank you For reading I Hope You Like It....

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