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3 weeks ago

It's me @Lejay28 , hehe Just want to share something with you.

I just want to share with you one of my earning site. This is a Free earning site , no need to invest nor deposit or buy anything. A 100% percent Legit and paying faucet sites. You can a hundreds, a thousands but need your patients and your hard work. As we always need to work for our needs. Hehehe

 I' ve been here for more than 2 months , and I think I already have more than 20 payments of bitcoin cash and other crypto currencies since I join and still enjoying it till now. I usually have a tendency to withdraw 1000satoshis at a time  (which are not 500 coins but about  10000 depending on the bitcoin tren).

You can actually select your preferred crypto to withdraw. With a low minimum coins to withdraw. What is best here is that i will just take 30min to an hour to process your withdrawal request. You can choose to withdraw it to or to your personal wallet directly.

I just withdraw my daily earned coins hehe

On faucet crypto we have several more or less known altcoins. Here's the list:

  • BTC

  • LTC

  • DOGE

  • ETH

  • ETC

  • BCH

  • BTT

  • DASH

  • DGB

  • KMD


  • PiVX

  • RDD

  • RVN

  • SYS

  • TRX

  • XVG

  • ZEC

  • ZEN

You can also invite your friends or the friends of your friends hehe, for you to avail and enjoy the 20% commission of their earned coins. Just like what I said earlier it needs your patients and hard work for you to get your needs or goals. hehe

Final tips and conclusions

My tips to make the most of this platform and earn coins every day:

- You can enter the site at least once a day and use both the daily bonus and the claim bonus (the latter is regenerated every 40 minutes). But if your gonna focus on it like for example you are going to claim the bonus every 40 minutes , its better!

- PTC ADS are good for earning coins also. You can earn coins there faster but limited.

- if you are not still satisfied your earned coins daily and want to earn more. few Well, there are also surveys where you can earn much more coins.

Here are my latest withdrawals below:

Here's the link:

Who ever made this site , thumbs up for you! Thank you faucetcrypto!

If your still in doubt on its legitimacy, you can check it at trust pilot for more feedback about it.

So if ever you are planning to try it , Godbless and Enjoy!!

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Written by   104
3 weeks ago
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