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Momento Mori

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8 months ago

He whom I shared my own

You died so soon 

And I, in you, still living moan 

Where all, all gnawed my boon

It was a mess of beautiful chaos 

Of who you once were 

And who I once was

Though emptiness not yet filled 

Your heart, a heart not yet yelled

Of hurt and writhe and agony 

And all what was ment to flee

Lost its wings around you and me

Deep within, in visions of the thunder 

The light which binds me still yonder 

The lines I penned thaught me not 

Neither saved me from my thought

From the most Deciful symphony 

which was, hatefully, played by me

I'm hated by only me 

yet, if ever joy was passing by 

with it's collision of true and lie 

‎I would never mind of saying hi

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