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Puppy Love, my first crush and first boyfriend

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1 year ago


Do you believe at Love at sight?

Me yes i do believed because i also experience it when i was a teanager,I was 15 years old at that time .In province fiesta is not lost every year ,even though i am a shy type person but still i go there to play some games at place were we called "PERYAHAN" .then one day my cousin invited me to go to at the court to watch playing basketball,so i go with here!while we are walking ived noticed that guy was looking at me he's with his friends. Then when i looked at him he suddenly smiled at me and i smiled at him too.then while they were away he's waiving his hands to say Bye at me ..i was Shocked that time feels like IM shaking Hahahahah joke!

And at the second day we will go to at school with my Cousin it was my first day of my Highschool days,while i was looking for what section i was in i meet someone and guess who?The guy who smiled at me when we went for a walk last day what a coincidence😂.I was surprised when he held out his hand to me and introduced himself."hi miss Im Romeo "can i know your name? Asking me!!then i introduced my self too i was nervous at that time hahahah.

I was first year at that time and his on Fourth year.he's a kind person but my cousins warned me to be careful with him because his a ChickBoy i just was smilling with them.After a few months ago saturday nigts ived recieved a message from a stranger person ,so im asking Who is it then i found out that Its Romeo he told me that His asking my number at my Cousin.He always sending me a sweet messages ,Then hes courting me i told him that ,i dont know you very well yet so if you're serious you're willing to wait.

Fast Forward ,After a months ago graduation day is near .He still courting me so i decided to answered him That yes hahaha i was too young for that time to have a boyfriend..but nothing has change,Only my cousins know that i already have a boyfriend,i didnt tell my Family Yet cause i now that they will angry.But im still focused studying,when we're at school,it seems like no one just pays attentiom so its not obvious hahahahah.

End here first,i'll just continue writing when i have time again,its still a bit busy right now.Thank you for reading,just comment if you want to know whats happened next. Just now i was able to write an article again.I haven't active here Months Ago .But Now Im Back again.

Just notice now i have 19 followers thank you for supporting me💚

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Written by   20
1 year ago
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