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Wrong: What is it?

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5 months ago
Topics: Wrong, Life, Reality

When God made his words, "Not to eat the knowledge of fruits", the serpent which is taken as evil makes them eat who fault was it? Who was wrong ?. Is it the serpent who was there to make humans go against the words of God? Or it the Adam and Eve who didn't understand the intention of the serpent and didn't follow the words of God or it was God who himself, failed to realize the psychology of humans if humans are said to not eat giving more weight to the fruit of knowledge they will end eating it. Who is to be blamed?

Now let's be pragmatic if a poor boy goes shopping and he steals some biscuit and runs away. The shopkeeper chasing him catches him and beats him. Is the boy wrong here? Or the shopkeeper?. How can a boy be wrong because we live by filling out the stomach and our stomach is so sinner that it doesn't bother how we earned the food. It goes on eating and eating. The boy can't be wrong here? Because if stealing in the landscape, he has his right to live. Then, is it the shopkeeper? No, he is not too because he was doing his trade buying low selling high, all the day standing to earn profit. And now if someone enters and steals it. He will surely end beating him. Who is wrong? Still confusion.

Let's see, the conflict between Israel and Palestine. Who is wrong there? Is it Hamas? Or it is Israel? Whoever be the culprit the consequences is seen in the lives of innocent people. Both the parties have their reason and some rational logic to blame each other for the conflict. Who is wrong? No one knows, both have strong points.


what is wrong? If we see all the above examples, we get confused, do we have understood the reality or root of Right and wrong in the real ground? Let's try to get what we understand when we hear wrong.

When we see the origin of the word wrong, it comes from old English which stands for "crooked". Crooked means some twisted or bent from its shape. And for us, wrong means those which are twisted from our beliefs, positions, norms and values, opinions. And what we hold inside us, within us becomes the right.

What are the roots of our holdings? It is rooted in our identity i.e. religion, customs, norms and value of society and the surrounding environment where we live. Those things which go against this are the wrongs. Isn't it?

Due to it, in the world, when someone says wrong, it means something is twisted from his holding. Thus, wrong and right differs from head to head, society to society, and nation to nation. One right is not right to all, similarly, it goes with wrong.

On the other hand, wrong is also taken as we expect something but the result appears to be twisted. Then, we inject wrong on such a situation.

Overall, the wrong means something twisted from the holdings.

Now, if we see from God's eye both Adam and Eve are wrong. If we want to expand the perimeter, it encircles the serpent after that. The more weight is held by Adam and Eve because the words of God's was broken which was the standing of God. If we see from God's eye. If we see from Adam and even side the serpent was wrong, who knowingly made them go against the words of God. And from serpent eyes, God is the one wrong here because he restricted humans to have it. And it was the fruit of knowledge.

See, in this way, wrong changes direction from one head to another.

This makes to ask ourselves, did we miss the point to define it?

Existence of Wrong

In my opinion,(I can be wrong), wrong or right don't exist in our world. We input the word just to escape the situation. It is one kind of blaming others. Example: escalation between Israel and Palestine. Who is wrong? Both parties are not, they both standing in their positions but one feels that it's against their religion where ISREAL feels it is against their country, the law of ISREAL. See, wrong doesn't exist but we just introduce ourselves to blame each other.

In Adam and Eve too wrong or right doesn't exist. But we imbue our positions giving weights to actors and end in believing the disconcert of right and wrong. If we stand above our believes and positions, there don't exist right and wrong.

Real Face of Wrong

Suppose, two men started a journey from point A and the final destination is B. If one takes the one route faces difficulties but finally makes it to point B. But another one takes another route and gets indulged with problems and never makes its way to point B. We say The latter one took the wrong way, he is wrong. In reality, wrong doesn't exist at all.

The real face of wrong is Different.


The broad concept of all we discussed till now is different. We must see things with a difference, not with the rage of wrong and right.

See the community, Islam and Hinduism, both have opposite customs, we must not fall into the trap of right and wrong but we must see everything as being different. Now, if we say Hindu is wrong, Islam becomes right and vice versa.

But if we say, Islam and Hinduism stand with the difference in their values. See, it sounds better than right and wrong.

I am vegetarian, I don't eat meats that don't mean those who eat meats are wrong but it means that I am different from those who eat meat.

In final words, let's stops playing the game of right and wrong. Let us start to see everything based on being different accepting and protecting also promoting our differences with a tolerant, peaceful and just environment.

Thank you...


This is my opinion, not from any books and scripts. It may differ from yours.

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Avatar for Lawa1988
Written by   154
5 months ago
Topics: Wrong, Life, Reality
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I like your story, like it was mind-blowing... ✨

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4 months ago

Well, most of the time it really depends upon our values. Being right or wrong can actually be very relative because we have different standards.

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5 months ago

Exactly, that is what I am saying. Right and wrong is a narrow concept. We must see in bugger picture and that is being different.

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5 months ago

Fix your grammar. This is terrible.

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5 months ago